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La Arrolladora Banda El Limon is a renowned Mexican ensemble known in the category of ‘banda’ which is a form of brass-based music that plays from a vast variety of tunes including corridos, rancheras, bolero, cumbias, and balades. Though mostly known for their characteristic rancheras, bandas may also perform modern and contemporary Mexican pop tunes with elements of cumbias and rock. Most of such music combines the polka dialect and has a large following among polka fans and the traditional Polish and German music fans. La Arrolladora Banda El Limon stands among the likes of other famous bands of this genre including La Banda el Recodo, Banda Los Recoitos, Banda Manchos, El Coyote, Banda Cuisillos, Banda Maguey, Banda Sinaloense and Banda Jerez. La Arrolladora Banda El Limon tickets are just the perfect treat for banda fans and those looking to enjoy a more characteristic traditional sound of the rich Mexican culture.

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La Arrolladora Banda El Limon is based in the state of Sinaloa from Limon and has been playing together since the sixties in one form or another. Thought the band had been in existence since the sixties, it did not record a single album until after three decades, when it finally signed with the well-known La Sierra Records, heading to the studio to record their debut offering titled Mas Arrolladora Que Nunca. Then in 2002, the group switched to another label, signing with Disa Records. By 2007, they had become the most recognized bands around and considered to be one of the most significant artists of the time. The band is currently fronted by Rene Camacho. The band is known to have won a few Grammy Awards, an Award Del Radio.
La Arrolladora Banda El Limon has a rather extensive lineup consisting of Jose Rosales Perez, Jorge Luis Medina Ramos, Salvador Aguilar Cruz, Victor Manuel Castillo Ibarra, Carlos Camacho Tirado,dgar Nava Ulloa, Ignacio Sanchez Plascencia, Joel Montoya Velazquez, Jose Isidro Beltran Cuen, Juan Franscisco Osuna Aramburo, Norberto Cordero Magallon, Eric Alberto Iturralde Lizarranga, Pedro Lizarrago Osuna, Roque Rene Lizarraga, Candelario Urias Vazquez, Omar Ponce and Elias Martinez. To date, the band has released eight studio album with La Sierra Records between 1007 and 2001, nine albums with Disa Records between 2002 and 2012, two live albums and five compilation collections. Its most recent studio albums include Irreversible, Todo Depende de Ti, Mas Adelante, Y Que Quede Claro and Grandes Boleros Arrolladores. Its two live albums En Vivo Desde Culiacan Sinaloa and Para Ti Exclusivo desde Arandas, Jalisco En Vivo, were released in 2004 and 2007, respectively.
The director of La Arrolladora Banda El Limon, Rene Camacho is the pioneer of Sinaloa, who has given the ensemble a very distinct sound from his extensive experience in this genre, making the band one of the ‘most significant’ bands in the world, as claimed by its official site. The band considers the year 2009, as the most successful of its career since it was then that the band received nominations for two of the most prestigious awards in Latin music, namely the Premio Lo Nuestro in four categories of Song of the Year for the track On my Feet, Album of the Year for the song And to be Clear, Best Duo or Group of the Year, and Artist of the Year. The group also received a nomination from Billboard Latin Music 2009 for the category of Regional Mexican Airplay of the Year. In addition they received a nomination for OYE in the categories of Best Banda Group, Best General Popular Song for their track titled It’s Too Late, and Best Album General Popular for their studio offering tilted Later. Get hold of those La Arrolladora Banda El Limon tickets, and experience the powerful tunes of this traditional ensemble that has made it big while still holding its legendary history of having been around for almost three generations.

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