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Imagine yourself attending the concert with the arena filled to brim with energetic souls passionate about music. Such moments are especially memorable more so because the artists gives an astounding performance with his/her unmatched vocals overpowering your heartbeats. Pushing you to be with the crowd and rise up and swing with the flow of the lyrics. The ecstasy of music propels the audience to be with the beat and enjoy the rhythm of music. Such is the experience of L.A Rising concert as it turns you from head over heels.
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This time teaming up with Goldenvoice and Rage Against The Machine L.A Rising is now ready to present its one of the foremost rock shows in eleven years at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum . With the beat and the thrill going side by side, L.A Rising is ready to bring something fruitful out of the music. Raising awareness is all about making Los Angeles a better place to live in, curing it from all the vices that have plagued it over the years. Re- Education Camp has been set-up by L.A Rising to establish the stepping stone towards the journey of re-creation of a city. The primary areas of focus in this concern are poverty, war, labor and immigration but surely the issue to combat homelessness and to deal with hunger is always there. L.A Rising has passed an invitation to a number of local and international non-profit organizations to participate at zero cost and promote their causes to invoke awareness. Working with a thought to save the natural resources and bring out the best for everyone L.A Rising has joined hands to promote paperless system for collecting information and sharing it with the organizations and fans as well.

L.A Rising has a commitment to be Rage Against the Machi ne’s show. It is one of its own kinds that establish itself with their hometown Los Angeles thus making it very unique too. The Re-Education Camp on the other side will evoke the spirits of our youth to work for their city while L.A Rising will evoke their senses and rock them to the senselessness. This collaboration of multiple bands working together for the same cause gives a positive note to the nation at large. With unity and collaboration the fans are getting informed and directing their energies towards a positive cause.

L.A Rising has set a new trend in the field of music by bringing forth the era of uniting organizations towards a positive cause other than music alone. The world has realized the significance of social causes and they are now motivated to free this land with all sorts of social evils. L.A Rising concert has created a life in all the music lovers thus magnetizing their souls towards a social cause. Get ready to place your share in the re-creation of the society by purchasing L.A Rising concert Tickets and ensuring your presence their. You mean a lot to L.A Rising and L.A Rising means a lot to the city of Los Angeles .