Lady Antebellum Josh Kelley Randy Montana Tickets

Over the many shapes and forms that music has sprouted over the course of its history, one of them goes by the title country music. Created in the 1920’s, it is a very popular style of music that originated from the Southern parts of the United States. Country music was described as the use of three chords and the truth by Harlan Howard. Just like all genres, it has seen its fair share of artists that have mesmerized their audiences with their talent. A few of those artists are none other than Lady Antebellum, Josh Kelley & Randy Montana. Lady Antebellum is perhaps the most successful out of the other two artists having won a whopping total of twenty eight different awards in appreciation for the music they created and out of those awards a total of six were the prestigious Grammy Awards.
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Josh Kelly who has witnessed a growth in popularity recently, also shows promise over the future and currently has a range of singles that made it inside the top ten on the Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks Chart. Randy Montana is the most recent entry into the music industry as compared to the other two and currently continues to grow and discover himself as a new artist.

Lady Antebellum hails from Nashville in Tennessee, and is the brainchild of three people; Charles Kelly, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott, and was established back in 2006. Their first album was titled after the band and was released in the month of April in 2008 under the label Capitol Records. The album was a significant success in the United States as it peaked out at the number one spot in the US Country Charts and went up to number four in the US Top Ten Charts. It includes the band’s first ever single Love Don’t Live Here. The song peaked out at the number three spot on the Hot Country Songs Chart. Their first album was certified as two times platinum in the US and single platinum in Canada. Their next album Need to Know was launched in January 2010 and it built upon the success of the first album and went on to be certified three times platinum in both the United States and Canada. This album also cemented the band’s superstar status on a global scale as it went platinum in New Zealand and Gold in both Australia and the United Kingdom. The album also peaked out at the number one spot in the US Country Chart, as well as the US Top Ten Chart and was a chart topper in Canada and New Zealand as well.

Josh Kelley has been active in his music career ever since 2001. He was born on the 30 th of January in the year 1980. He is known for his acting, as well as his singing and songwriting capability. He has recorded for multiple record companies over the course of his career. These included spells with the famous Hollywood Records and DNK Records. He specializes in three main genres which include pop rock, blues rock and country music. The most popular songs that he produced, according to people’s votes, are Amazing and Only You. These two songs were quite successful and they topped out in the top ten places in the Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks chart. He also has two other songs that made this chart. He started playing around with country music back in 2010 when he signed on with MCA Nashville, and kick-started his career in the genre in the same year. He has been greeted by considerable success in the genre as his first song Georgia Clay reached the Top 20 hit on the Hot Country Songs charts.

Randy Montana is the newest entry in the country music scene and started recording in the year 2009. He was born on the 23 rd of September in 1985 and hails from the city of Albany in New York. He is under contract with Mercury Records Nashville and produces his songs under their label. He released his first ever single Ain't Much Left of Lovin' You in the start of 2010 and the song ended up reaching the fifty-ninth spot Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. His next song is titled 1,000 Faces and was released to the public in 2011.

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