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Better known by the stage name Larry the Cable Guy, Daniel Lawrence Whitney is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and one of the co-stars of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He has also given voiceover for Mater the tow truck in Pixar's animated movie Cars.
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Larry the Cable Guy was born on February 17, 1963 in Pawnee City, Nebraska and raised in West Palm Beach, FL. After attending Andover Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, he moved to Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 16. In his early years, he began experimenting with sand-up comedy at local clubs and enjoyed enough success to move into guest shots on radio programs.

Daniel eventually ended up as a radio comedian, working with Ron and Fez on the syndicated 'Ron and Ron Show'. Later he hooked up with the Blue Collar Boys. Recently, Dan was featured in Gretchen Wilson's music video for the song 'All Jacked Up'. In the video he is shown playing dual roles as himself and a transvestite bar patron.

Dan Whitney is arguably among the most popular stand-up comedians into the new millennium. He has created the crude, opinionated and proudly rural Southern persona in the early 1990s named Larry the Cable Guy. Therefore he is often regarded as the freewheeling creation of Daniel Lawrence Whitney.

Since his inception in the show business as a comedian, Daniel/Larry has reached to the heights of the comedy field through the popular Blue Collar Comedy Tour and subsequent WB TV series. He has also released a string of chart-topping comedy albums. His stock in trade was the call-in gag, for which he assumed a persona and joked with the DJs over the phone.

His gamut of characters consists of a cable installer named Larry. He speaks in a thick, exaggerated Southern accent which is a combination of the Pawnee City accent and several Florida strains. The character also voices on all manner of social issues including race, sexuality and political parties. These issues together provide him with an opportunity to poke fun at the handicapped, elderly, overweight, and liberal leaners.

Larry also spawned numerous catch phrases 'Git-R-Done!' being the most popular. Dan got further exposure via the syndicated radio show named 'The Ron and Ron Show' which led to him joining the successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour in 2000. The tour was a showcase for white comics with Southern backgrounds and yielded three top-selling concert DVDs in 2003, 2004, and 2006, as well as a short sketch comedy series titled 'Blue Collar TV'.

In 2002, a Comedy Central airing of 'Blue Collar Comedy Tour', the Movie became the network's highest-rated movie in its 12-year history. Larry wears his redneckness as a badge of honor while hating political correctness and racism which turns him into a hard target for detractors.

Spreading holiday cheer at the end of the year 2005, Larry released his new CD titled 'A Very Larry Christmas', and appeared on Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again. He devoted the year 2006 to the film and starred in his own feature film, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. Before returning to his solo career in early 2007, Larry also appeared on the CD and DVD Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road. He released his other albums 'Morning Constitutions' and 'Christmastime in Larryland' in 2007.