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The American musician Laurie Berkner was born in 1969 and grew up in New Jersey. Since school she was involved in music and during her university years she started to play guitar and became a part of choir. She began her professional music career in 1992 as a rock musician, initially as a part of an all girls band ‘Lois Lane’. A few years later she started to work with ‘Red Onion’, a band which played original music. Berkner found songwriting difficult, until she started writing children's music which she found to be more creative and interesting. Hence she decided to change her line and started penning children's music. The idea was fruitful as she made her name worldwide as children's music artist. Laurie Berkner Band creates exceptional music for kids today. The Laurie Berkner Band tickets are very popular among the teens and pre-teens.

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According to Laurie Berkner, she had never thought of becoming children's performer; however music was her passion since childhood. She worked in a summer camp as a music counselor and as children's music specialist in New York daycare centers; that's when she gained interest in this field. Her accidental entry in this field has turned out to be incredibly rewarding, as narrated by the musician herself. Her kindie rock music has gained the attention of the critics from all across the world. Her enormous contributions have helped the music industry to create an entirely new music genre aimed primarily towards the children. The music by the Laurie Berkner Band will definitely energize your kids and they will immediately start to rhyme the tunes.
The Queen of Children's Music, Laurie Berkner released her first album 'Whaddaya Think Of That?' in 1997 and received international acclaim. The tracks including ‘ABCD Medley’, ‘We Are Dinosaurs’, ‘The Cat Came Back’, ‘I Know A Chicken’ from her first album were the most popular. Before the release of her next album 'Buzz Buzz' in 1998, Berkner formed her own recording company which she named as 'Two Tomatoes Records'. The songs like ‘Pig On Her Head’, ‘Ice Cream Cone’, ‘Monster Boogie’ and few other tracks from this album became widely popular. Parents found a great response by their children towards her music and her popularity increased day by day. She was seen performing on television shows and won the Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award the same year. Apart from the original songs that Laurie writes herself, some of the all time classics have also been covered by the Laurie Berkner Band.
During the last decade, the live performances by the Laurie Berkner Band became very famous. She plays at the high end concert halls which are usually jam-packed with kids and parents. On the Earth Day she performed at the Central Park for free, catering to an audience of more than fifteen thousand. In 2006, the first DVD titled as 'We are…The Laurie Berkner Band' was released and topped the Billboard Music Video chart at #1. Laurie's husband Brian Mueller left the Laurie Berkner Band in the year 2006 and a new singer joined hands with the band. This was the couple's joint decision in order to keep their personal and professional lives separate. However, there has been no difference in the quality of work that is being produced. It was proved by the band's awesome performance at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade a few months after the change in line-up. Apart from the music and videos produced by her, Laurie is also a great writer who has written some award-winning books during the last decade. The people of New York are anxiously waiting for her upcoming live shows scheduled in May in their city. If you have never been to a live concert by Laurie Berkner, then you must avail the opportunity this summer. Give your kids a perfect treat and buy them the Laurie Berkner Band tickets now!

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