The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses

The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses Tickets

When Nintendo created and released the quirkily titled game, The Legend of Zelda a quarter of a century ago, it never dreamed that it would morph into a massive video game franchise that would garner a cult following numbering in tens of millions. Its 16 versions that have come out since the release of the first game in February 1986, have sold around 68 million copies and the video game franchise is the second best-selling one of all time, bested only by Nintendo's signature Super Mario Bros one. The game is primarily based on a role-playing adventure format in which the protagonist is given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda that is held captive by various antagonists, chiefly Hyrule. The musical score of the various versions of The Legend of Zelda have significantly contributed to the game's popularity, so much so that the franchise's 25th anniversary in 2011 prompted Nintendo to bring forth a symphony orchestra. Snag some Legend of Zelda Symphony of Goddesses tickets now to behold the "legendary" musical pieces that will take you into the enchanted realms of Zelda's universe.  

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The Legend of Zelda Symphony of Goddesses was spawned from the 25th anniversary symphony series that played out in the three locations of Tokyo, London and Los Angeles. The musical pieces accompanying the various version game versions of the Legend of Zelda franchises, especially Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past and the latest Skyward Sword become especially pronounced as none of the characters have ever had any spoken dialogue associated with them. All such music has been put together by composer Koji Kondo, especially the title theme that Kondo was compelled to compose after not being able to use the classical piece Boléro as it its copyright had not expired at that time. Consequently, the theme music has become recognized as one of the best videogame themes ever. The trio of the 25th anniversary concerts served as a quintessential preview to the 2012 global tour and was produced by Jason Micheal Paul, Inc. the concert format was based around a two-part structure, each entailing seven symphonic movements.

The Legend of Zelda Symphony of Goddesses tour greatly expands the outreach of the associated musical movements taken from the themes of the franchise's games such as "The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past. Though these are carried over from the 25th anniversary concerts, the musical scores of the Oracle Series, Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening are nouveau arrangements for the 2012 tour. Jason Michael Paul Productions, Inc is once again in on the act that has already been slated to be played out in some two dozen North American cities since the first performance in January. Each respective city or state's signature symphony orchestra is collaborating with the concert tours organizers and the response has been overwhelming from the game's fans and classical music lovers alike.

In typical classical music style, the Legend of Zelda Symphony of Goddesses is a four-movement performance delivered in a roughly two-hour session. Video captures from the respective games for which the music had been originally composed for are projected throughout the concert to create a chronological ambience for the entire event. Hence the seamless blend of music and the game's videos create a storytelling experience like no other, which commences with the time split with "Movement One" based around Ocarina of Time and meanders through the second and third movements to descend upon Hyrule Historia. This stage brings the timeline split full circle, whereby revealing complete Legend of Zelda's timeline.

The concert also includes completely new visuals that have been especially created for the tour as well as new music such as the reworked “The Ballad of the Wind Fish". With the 2012 concert tour gearing up to rival Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds, the other successful videogame franchise's one, claim some Legend of Zelda Symphony of Goddesses tickets now to witness the unfolding of a legendary symphony set in a transcendental synergy.