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The Rock And Roll Renaissance Man is how the music industry addresses the legend Leon Russell. His quixotic musical journey stretches to half century, starting from the teen years in late fifties to his recent best selling collaboration with the legend Elton John. Be it his solo compositions or contributions for other established musicians, Russell has outdone himself in producing quality melodies. Leon Russell tickets for his upcoming concert will allow you to listen to the most celebrated country and rock music live.

Leon Russell wasn’t accepted as a superstar from the start of his career. The first decade of his musical journey was spent behind the scenes as a playback musician. By putting in effort, the artist proved his capabilities and earned fame for being one of the best session musicians. Soon, well known names such as Phil Spector, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, Paul Rever & the Raiders got associated with him for their music productions. This was the start of the artist’s success story.
Although he remained in the background for almost ten years, Leon Russell made the most of this opportunity and learned a lot by simply observing people and practicing on his own. Earlier on he was hooked to guitar playing and chose the legendary artist James Burton to help him with the instrument. Apart from this, his friendship with Delaney Bramlett benefitted him with the art of playing the piano. Having a knowhow of the musical chemistry of instruments he was now confident about fitting his vocals to them in a better way. So the era of seventies introduced Leon Russell with a new identity as a lead singer. The famous Mad Dogs and Englishmen Tour featured the artist as a leading musician and he performed in live concerts for two months in United States. Shortly after the tour, Russell released an album that got an instant ranking at the second position on the Top Album Charts. This happened to be the launching pad for his solo career.
Leon Russell is one of the few musicians of the industry who have enjoyed a lengthy yet remarkable career. Even by experimenting with different musical styles ranging from the gospel and heartfelt ballads to blue grass and rock music, he has maintained a strong bonding with success all along. Songs like Rollin in my Sweet Baby’s Arms, Lady Blue, Rainbow in Your Eyes and No Man’s Land among a lot others highlight his musical efforts made so far.
Russell in his career has shared the stage with a number of well known musicians of the industry. The list includes Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Steve Winwood and members of the Rolling Stones and Beatles. It’s his drawling vocals and the rolling fingers on piano that makes his signature sound of music. His outpouring energy adds life to his concerts and according to Russell It is just like an artificially induced religious experience’.
Recently the artist’s career got a major push by the well known musician Elton John who respects Leon Russell as his teacher for music. Both of them decided to work on an album together and released it under the title ‘Union’. The response was great and the album rocketed to the third position on the Billboard charts instantly. Its songs such as the Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes and If It Wasn’t for Bad among others have already awarded them with recognitions such as a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals’ and others. The duo is anticipating more success attached to the album and Leon Russell is even embarking on a live tour to promote it. The concert would not only feature the recent hits but also the golden singles of the last five decades that raised the artist to fame as a sensational musician. Leon Russell tickets for the upcoming live event are available on discounted rates! Get them now!

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