Lewis Black Tickets


One of the best stand-up comedians of our time Lewis Black has made a special name for himself. He has the talent to do what not a lot of other people can even think of doing let alone pulling off so spectacularly. He is not your average comedian who makes funny faces or does funny routines to make people laugh. Lewis takes on political issues, socio-economic trends and pop cultures and criticizes them in his own sarcastic style. He is back on tour and Lewis Black tickets are your source for a fun-filled evening with this amazing performer.
Lewis Black was born on 30th August, 1948 in the nations Capital, Washington D.C. His mother was a teacher and father was a mechanical engineer. He was taught from a very early age, by his parents, to stand up for what was right and challenge authorities wherever and whenever required. These lessons are what his personal and professional lives are based on. He fell in love with stage performances when he went to watch a play with his father at twelve years of age. The fascination with stage enabled him to study theater and drama. He went to the University of North Carolina and then got into the famous Yale Drama School. It was at the University of North Carolina where he first went on stage to do a stand-up act.
After completing his degrees Lewis Black re-located to the New York to work at the West Bank Cafe and began a career as a playwright. He stayed there for a few years and played a major part in development of more than a thousand shows not only that but he also was the master of a lot of these performances. He worked with some of the biggest names in theater at that time where he fell in love with stand-up performances even more. That love finally got the better of him and he quit West Bank to start a career in stand-up performances.
Lewis Black was asked to create a segment for The Daily Show that was aired on Comedy Central. The theme of that segment was to be about anything and everything that was disturbing him and it was to be a three minute act. The talents of Lewis Black shown through that segment and it became one of the major parts of the show for years to come. That one segment changed his life forever and started a mutually beneficial relationship with the channel. Lewis then went on to major other full time shows for Comedy Central which cemented his reputation as a brilliant stand-up performer.
The reception and the acclaim he received from The Daily Show delivered his first record agreement. Under that agreement he worked and released The White Album in 2000 his first ever CD. That creation was a huge success and he followed that up with some of the greatest stand-up performances ever seen in his next CD’s which also got him a fair few Grammy nominations.
Success kept on following Lewis Black and he took it to another level when he worked with HBO to create two amazing programs Red, White and Screwed and Black on Broadway. All that success was noticed by the bigwigs in Hollywood and he got his first movie in 2009. The name of the movie was Man of the Year and he followed that up with amazing performances in other movies like Accepted and Unaccompanied Minors etc. He has also been a regular guest on some of the biggest TV shows on the planet.
Lewis Black calls himself America's Foremost Commentator on Everything and no one can dispute that. He has an opinion on everything and he translates his opinions to the masses in his own special mixture of irony, sarcasm and anger. A performance by this amazing performer is something to savor for everyone and as long as the world isn’t a perfect place to live he will keep on doing what he does best. All that you need are Lewis Black tickets to be a part of one of his amazing performances to have a first hand experience of what makes him tick.