Lil' Wayne Rick Ross Keri Hilson Far East Movement

Lil' Wayne Rick Ross Keri Hilson Far East Movement Tickets

Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Keri Hilson and Far East Movement are once again planning to give a blast performance this season to their followers thus with a notion to gather a huge crowd and also to bring forth a wide range of music singles.
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- Selling more than ten million albums, Lil Wayne is a four time Grammy award winner. Although many controversies were associated with his name, yet he has won much acclaim as a rap artist of immense genius. Lil Wayne has always been famous for eventful concerts, tours and ever engaging performances. Lil Wayne stepped into this field of music at the tender age of twelve and soon he was spotted as a hot commodity by Co-CEO of Cash Money Bryan Williams. Williams guided Lil in such a fabulous manner than soon he began his journey towards stardom.

Lil Wayne then did not stop and went far and beyond expectations. In 2008, he released his record album The Carter III which made a record sale of over a million copies in just a week after the release. This pushed him towards earning of Grammy award nominations. Rap music looks forward to the performance by Lil Wayne as his signature imagery, rhyming patterns and wit have won the hearts of many over the years. Keeping the music diversity in mind, Lil Wayne is growing by leaps and bounds every day thus making it hard for the tour followers to grab him. With a massive following every year, Lil Wayne has gone global and his music has spread from coast to coast. Collaborative performances are the trend of this time and Lil Wayne has performed with none less than Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Akon, Kanye West and Usher and the list of the artists is never ending.

Just like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross is another big name in the rap scene. He emerged as a Miami rap singer as he released his first album in 2006. This was just the beginning of a star as he gave three more hit albums under the banner of Teflon Don . Presently working in collaboration with Diddy on an album Bugatti Boy , Rick Ross is a rapper in his own distinct style. Mesmerizing the audience in his unique way, Ross is planning to perform along with Lil Wayne, Keri Hilson and Far East Movement.

Although there are many artists now who begin their music journey recently but they leave the rest aside. This is primarily because they produce such remarkable music that it gets hard for many to ignore. One such soul is Keri Hilson who released her debut album in 2006 but had been hatching the hits since 2003. Although she started as a songwriter but soon she realized her talent as a singer and shifted to performing Hip Hop music.

She made a break through with Timbaland’s smashing single The Way I Are which reached number one on the US charts. The hit single scored in selling over 2.5 million copies around the globe thus making her an instant hit in the music scene. She also attained a Grammy for one of her singles and even grabbed American Music Awards , BET Awards and MOBO Awards too. She too would join the gang of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross for a spectacular performance due this season.

The fourth group to join the gang of a hit music scene could be none other than Far East Movement. A reunion of old childhood friends discovering their passion for music as a prime focus produced a large hip-hop show in 2003 as a small beginning. They were then greatly applauded for their efforts and thus acknowledged by international event promoters and clubs thus giving them a good break in the music industry. Far East Movement will also be the part of the grand show due this summer. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Keri Hilson and Far East Movement Tickets are now the hottest selling item. Go grab your share of fun now by buying the tickets and celebrating the height of hip hop and rap music now.