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Imagine the world of music, clapping, dancing, singing, jumping and what not; this is not very simple situation as some one is there to shake your heart, mind and body. You may be tired of this type of gossip but, this is some thing different to you....come out of dreaming and has a fun with the real world. You are in a live concert by the hot boy of 90s, but still the spirit is beyond is the time to enjoy rap star.....that is no wonder Lil Wayne is there to entertain you every moment. When we talk about pop music and icon of this era, we have only few outstanding stars in mind and Lil Wayne is one of them who has really rock the music lovers not only in the US but, in every corner of the world.
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The charismatic Lil Wayne began his career as one of the Hot Boys who have made Cash Money Records in all stars group in a very short time and that was an ideal start for Lil Wayne. He was bon on September 27, 1982, in New Orleans and grew up at the Hollygrove a nearby city of his native land.

After his outstanding start, he joined B.G. and worked for the album True Story which added another success to his feathers. His hit was "Get It how You Live" back in 1997. In 1999, his first solo debut "Tha Block is Hot" was in top ten US billboard chart and Lil Wayne was named as "The Best New Artist" by The Source magazine that year which was a great honor to this young star. Following this success Wayne soon featured with other rappers' singles in 2000 namely "Bling Bling" of B.G. and "# 1 Stunna of the Big Tymers and here too, he was the hot boy of the all members. In the coming years his Da Drought (2003) was released which was his first of many to follow and give music lovers the thrill and hotness of rap music new heights.

In the next year Tha Carter give a new direction for Lil Wayne. Although, it was not a huge success like the previous but, yet it showcased a more mature performance by the rap artist. This new look was good in view of the business and music. 'Tha Carter was the biggest hit by Wayne of the year and even "Go DJ", was it self Top Five Hit. This saga of success was continue in the year 2004 with Disney's Child's "Soldier," a top three hit in 2004.

Lil Wayne has established himself in 2005 as handy freestyle rapper with popular mixtapes of Dedication with DJ drama and suffix DJ Khaled. This move helps him to grab additional interest in his work among listener beyond the usual Cash Money Award. And what he thinks about his success of lollypop is exactly the tune and spirit of Wayne that made him so successful. In his latest interview with NEWSWEEK, he was very clear about his future plans and commitments. When he was asked about his recent huge hit he said, "That is what it does. My aim is just to make some good music every time."

When asked about late official release of "The Carter III, he move his head and just guess it as a perfect timing and nothing was wrong with that. He was of the view that it did not made him worry about this matter.

About his family life, he was very optimistic and said "it has changed with my growing daughter and she is 9 year old now. Now, she is no more a child. She learned quickly and behaves like a good kid. So, fatherhood has also improved me a lot."

What he thinks and what he says is reality, after 15 years as a star, Wayne is still optimistic to move a head and give some thing new to his music lovers and change the world of entertainment with every new album. If you want to know more about Lil, you can also visit her website and enjoy his any show in your keep tracing him through the web.

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