Lisa Lampanelli Tickets

Lisa Lampanelli tickets are in great demand during the season because this steaming and thrilling comedy show takes the audience through a lusciously entertaining roller coaster ride. The show is worth every dime because Lisa knows how to work her way through the audience.

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Born in Connecticut in July 1961, Lisa Lampanelli is a celebrated insult comic and stand-up comedian who is famous for hosting controversial comedy shows. The shows of this Italian-American comedian largely center upon slurs, stereotypes and ethnic humor especially ridiculing the racial minorities and homosexuals. Lisa’s raw humor is exceptionally funny and her delivery style sounds very natural.  It does not feel like a performance but a hang out with a close friend who is not afraid to tell you what she thinks about. In simple words, Lisa puts on a shockingly amazing show. However, if you do not like being cursed or offended, then this is not the show for you but if you know how to take a joke then Lisa Lampanelli is the person for you. 
After receiving her elementary education from the Roman Catholic schools, Lampanelli went to the Boston College and Syracuse University to study journalism and later went to Harvard for a graduate program. Before starting her career in comedy, she worked as a copy editor for Popular Mechanics, as an assistant for Rolling Stone and a fact checker for the Spy Magazine. Although she studied journalism but at the same time pulled inspiration by the Dean Martin roasts from the very beginning. And over the journey of her career, the journalist-turned-comedian has participated in several roasts such as those hosted by Chevy Chase, Pamela Anderson, Denis Leary, Jeff Foxworthy, William Shatner Flavor Flav and Donald Trump.
In 2005, Lisa Lampanelli released her own comedy special Take it like a Man that has been received quite enthusiastically by the comedy lovers. She has also appeared in the 2008 comedy film, Drillbit Taylor starring Owen Wilson, in the 2006 motion picture Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector and in the2007 movie, Delta Farce featuring Larry the Cable Guy, D.J. Qualls and Bill Engvall. The Queen of Mean recorded her first HBO special, Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live the Queen in November 2008 at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. This comedy special has been directed by Dave Higby who has also directed her Comedy Central’s special entitled Tough Love. Lampanelli is a big supporter of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community and has donated up to fifty thousand dollars to the New York based nonprofit organization, Gay Men's Health Crisis that fights against AIDS.
Lisa Lampanelli comedy show is refreshingly unique because she adds a lot of new material every time she headlines a show. By adding some local jokes, she adapts the show to the city she is performing in so that people can actually relate to it. And it is for this reason people leave the house with a sore stomach from laughing so hard. Even if you have been to her hysterical show a hundred times before, you would want to catch her live again. The show is very interesting because Lisa connects with the audience really well. She gives in hundred percent to deliver an incredible show to the audience.
You do not need to give in a second thought before getting your hands on the Lisa Lampanelli tickets. It is hard to pick a dull moment in the show because Lisa keeps the audience attention engaged from the beginning till the end. She will get you laughing so hard that you would feel the salty tears running down your face. People who have been to the show once are again looking forward to attend this hotly anticipated show; you must also book your deals before it is too late.