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LMFAO is one of the best electro-pop, dance-pop, and hip hop music groups to have recently emerged from California. An uncle-nephew duo, the band has released some of the best dance numbers, hitting the very top of the charts all over the world. Already a national and international sensation, the band has toured all over the world, earning raving response and accolades from their fans and critics alike.

This exceptional party rock band was started in 2006 by Skyler Husten Gordy a.k.a. Sky Blu and Stefan Kendal Gordy, better known as DJ Redfoo. Both musicians are closely related to music industry legend Berry Gordy. Both are also extremely good dancers and rappers. LMFAO was originally known as the “Sexy Dudes”, but later changed the name. The fact that both are related to Berry Gordy got them noticed; however it would be wrong to assume that the duo achieved their present-day success purely on the basis of their last name. They had to work very hard to be where they are today. It was perhaps the fact that both are extremely talented and gifted musicians that their music is appreciated and loved all over the world. They also owe a lot to their idols.

Both Redfoo and Sky Blu have admitted repeatedly that they are highly influenced by the late Michael Jackson. Perhaps, this is one reason why their dance steps match with the late legend’s! In addition, they are also influenced by the music of greats like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, James Brown, The Black Eyed Peas, Tupac Shakur, etc. So they are not influenced by one particular artist or music genre but a whole variety of them, making their music unique, rich and popular. Since both are DJs as well, they look up to DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) for guidance and inspiration. Goldstein has certainly worked wonders for the two as he was the one who first introduced them to electronic music. The rest as they say is history. And LMFAO has certainly carved its name in the history of music with the release of two albums.

To date the duo has released Party Rock and Sorry for Party Rocking . Party Rock was released in 2009 and became an instant hit. The album was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards. The album betrayed shades of dance, 80s synthpop and hip hop music. Although, the album was a hit as a whole, four of its singles became an instant favorite of dance music fans, all over the world. “Yes”, “Shots”, “La La La”, and the lead single “I’m in Miami Bitch” (its cleaner version was “I’m in Miami Trick”), were those unforgettable party numbers. They became such a sensation that there was no party without these songs. Dead night clubs started to roll cash overnight simply by playing these singles and playing the music of LMFAO in general. Not to leave you with the impression that Party Rock was the favorite of America party goers only, it also did wonders in Australia where it reached position no. 12 on the Australian Urban Albums Chart and UK where it reached position no. 31 on the UK Dance Albums Chart.

LMFAO’s most recent work was released this year, called Sorry for Party Rocking . Like its predecessor it was a hit amongst the band’s fans as well as a commercial success. The album sold over 27,000 copies in its very first week of release, while topping several music charts. It reached position no. 12 on the Billboard 200. The album contained hot numbers like “With You”, “All Night Long”, “Best Night”, “Take It to the Hole”, “One Day”, “Champagne Showers”, “Sexy and I Know It”, “Party Rock Anthem”, “Sorry for Party Rocking”, and “Rock the Beat II”. Out of these party numbers, “Sexy and I know It”, “Champagne Showers”, and “Party Rock Anthem” were mega hits, both in the US and in the rest of the world. The album reached position no. 2 on Australian and New Zealand Albums Chart. At home it reached position no. 2 and 3 on US Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums and US Billboard Top Rap Albums charts respectively.

The geniuses of party rock music now come to your town. With out of this world music, their concerts are like one giant party. This party would be like no other party you have ever seen and been to before. Since the tickets are getting sold out rather quickly, secure your place by buying LMFAO tickets now!

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