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Festivals are the integral recreation for most of the cities all year round and many festivals start and depart especially during summers, but there are very few festivals that are embed forever in the minds. Lollapalooza is one such festival that brings joy in the lives of many. Emerging as 21 st century Windy City institution and located in the heart of Chicago, Lollapalooza has surely changed the meaning of festivals. Although organized once a year, Lollapalooza has proved its worth by being remembered all year round once the festivities are over. Celebrating their 20 th anniversary, Lollapalooza is now brining forth a praiseworthy lineup of music bands like Deadmau5, Muse, Foo Fighters, My Morning Jacket and the list goes on and on.
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Lollapalooza primarily focuses on the popular alternative rock, hip hop, heavy metal and punk rock music with the added attractions of comedy and dance performances as well as craft booths. Lollapalooza has also acted as a station for political and non-profit organizations. It has not only provided a good platform to the established bands but many music bands have debuted their career through the stage that Lollapalooza offers. Even Lady Gaga was one of them who has now soared higher than what one could have imagined.

Lollapalooza started initially as a farewell tour to the band by Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction in 1991. Since then it ran annually till 1997 and was renewed in 2003. Later with an agreement with a Chilean company Lotus, Lollapalooza was also planned to be staged in Santiago as well.

Lollapalooza is basically spelled and pronounced a bit differently but it means something exceptional or unusual event, thing or a person. Thus the idea was apt for the festival that has the same spirit of rejuvenation and bringing forth the exceptionality in the music industry. Parting from the traditional annual festival notion of celebrating and ending at one place, Lollapalooza parted from the ordinary concept of a music festival and was thought to be a touring festival that performed in United States and Canada as well.

It was at Lollapalooza that the term of alternative rock and alternative nation was developed thus bringing forth a whole new thought for the music industry. In the beginning the alternative rock propelled the festival forward thus giving an explosion of alternative rock and an additional rap artist performance too. Eventually, Lollapalooza had to reconcile over Chicago Grant Park where over 65000 people attended the festival despite the scorching heat wave in 2005. Since then it was finalized that Lollapalooza would be organized in Chicago alone thus making a promise to give $13 million each year to the city as a good boost to their economy.

In order to keep the track of the festivity alive especially in the global scene, Lollapalooza was planned to be organized in South American famous country Chile. Santiago the capital of Chile was chosen for this festivity and a good lineup of several artists including30 Seconds to Mars, Kanye West, Cypress Hill, Jane’s Addiction of course and a lot many more.

Many people blame Lollapalooza for summarizing the American Youth Culture that was very much instilled by Woodstock in 1960’s. Lollapalooza gave a direction to the American Youth and that too in a positive way. This year it is expected to have a 15000 capacity tent for the dance performances by the noted names like Jay Electronica, Skrillex, Kid Cudi, Girl Talk, Feed Me, Busy P and the list goes on and on. The founder of Lollapalooza Perry Farrell is also expected to perform as well. Thus, Lollapalooza is a fun-ride of music, dance, and comedy rather everything that can make your summers something special to hang on. Get Lollapalooza 3 day pass Tickets now and make this visit worthwhile. We have the best deals on Lollapalooza tickets, so grab your tickets for the most entertaining event of the season.

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