Los Angeles Philharmonic The Gospel According To The Other Mary

Los Angeles Philharmonic The Gospel According To The Other Mary Tickets

Los Angeles Philharmonic Gospel According to Other Mary tickets offer a beautiful theatrical orchestra presentation. A blend of mesmeric music and poetry by none other than the legendary composer John Adams comes The Gospel According to the Other Mary. This is the most elaborate and intense presentation ever by John Adams that has been face lifted to become a full evening oratorio. This orchestra presentation with the Los Angeles Master Choral is directed by Grant Gershon. The six featured soloists comprise of Kelley O'Connor as the mezzo-soprano, Tamara Mumford as contralto, Russell Thomas as tenor and the countertenor trio Daniel Bubeck, Brian Cummings and Steven Rickards,

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Los Angeles Philharmonic Gospel According to Other Mary is a concert where inspirational biblical stories of Lazarus and Jesus come to life. Amongst other strong imprints of this orchestral music concert are contemporary Latin American lyrical tones with Christian themes. Adam’s music score on this show has guided conductor Gustavo Dudamel, to execute a fully staged concert in the liveliest spirit. A series of these concerts will be followed by an international tour that will take this magnificent show to prestigious theaters worldwide.
John Adam’s success at the experiment of the reinvention of the Nativity oratorio was manifested in El Niño. This presentation won him unprecedented acclaim and became a standard of fusing inspirational texts from various sources. The revelatory initiative taken by Adams enthralled orchestra fans nationwide. The dynamics of his work continue to bring them back time and again. The Gospel According to the Other Mary bears great resemblance to El Nino however the slightest difference in style and approach has made it a classy presentation. The Los Angeles Philharmonic has previously presented John Adam’s City Noir in the year 2009. The premier of this show happens to be the grandest of all Adam’s efforts. Adam’s and Sellers are known for bringing political and religious controversies to stage. They have won commendable appreciation critic’s circles for their work together. This presentation is no different; it has been reviewed to be of challenging theme and subject. However, the challenge is the brilliance encompassed in Adam’s composition, Seller’s libretto and Gershon’s direction.
Being a Passion oratorio Los Angeles Philharmonic Gospel According to Other Mary takes a deep insight into Jesus life and its ending. As seen by women who were near and dear to him; a series of events give a truly dramatic and fierce reflection of life given in charity. This is best seen through the eye of the modern times; where the presentation vividly depicts the traditional figures of Mary Magdalene and Martha in contemporary attire. As social activists these women aim and succeed at serving and protecting the needy. These women and Lazarus the dead man brought to life by Jesus Chris; as the only man on stage are the main characters of this story. Together they take audience through a remarkable worldly journey that becomes spiritually rewarding in many ways. It begins from a core belief of the Roman Catholics; the death and ends at the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It instills Jesus as an iconic presence that shelters and protects every soul with compassion and kindness.
For most orchestra lovers this show will be a memorable one. Adam has proved his mettle with ingenious musical inventions, variations and fusion. The clever use of the countertenors’ seamless harmonies and melodious arias is exceptional. Every bit of music, vocals and word amalgamate to suit the underlying theme and subject. Los Angeles Philharmonic Gospel According to Other Mary is highly expressive and moving from curtain rise to fall. Poetic pieces from contemporary Latin writes namely June Jordan, Louise Erdrich, Primo Levi, Hildegard von Bingen, Dorothy Day, Rosario Castellanos and Rubén Darío are features in this presentation. Excerpts from works of these poets beginning with Erdrich’s speaking of Christ’s vengeance cushion the musical tale of Lazarus' fate on earth and hereafter with remarkable eloquence. Dudamel has skillfully conducted the chorus by the Los Angeles Master Chorale and make this show completely awe-inspiring. The six soloists have graced the show even more by delivering an extraordinary range of vocal clarity and depth; making this masterpiece more evocative and meaningful than ever.
Los Angeles Philharmonic Gospel According to Other Mary tickets are a treat for all orchestra fans who want to see Adam’s music score enliven every moment of the stage. To be a part of this wonderful staging, avail tickets in advance.