Los Angeles Philharmonic Lise De La Salle

Los Angeles Philharmonic Lise De La Salle Tickets

Los Angeles Philharmonic Lise de la Salle tickets bring to you a concert by the talented young international pianist who has been entertaining audiences with her passionate performances and recitals. Using her gifted talents and polishing them with her skills she has managed to make a name for herself as an exceptional musician. The heights she has reached in her career is a success that very few are able to achieve at such a young age. Throughout the years she has won many competitions and garnered many awards.

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A native of France, Lise de la Salle is the proud winner of Groupe Banque Populaire Natexis prize, achieved first prize for the European Young Concert Artists International Auditions in Paris and also got the first prize for Young Concert Artists International Auditions in New York.  Along with this she also won the Mortimer Levitt Career Award for Women Artists, the John Browning Memorial Prize, and the Ettlingen International Competition.
Owing to her performances she has gained a respected reputation awed by many and it seems to be growing with years as she continues to cast her spell over the enthralled audiences who come to see her shows. Her concerts have become a popular phenomenon in United States and Europe.
Lise de la Salle affiliation with music goes back to the time when she was only four. Born to an artistic family she started pursuing her passion at a very young age and gave her first concert that was broadcasted live on Radio France when she was only nine. At the age of eleven she was studying at the Paris Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique with Pierre Réach. Later she graduated in 2001 and continued with her music studies with Bruno Rigutto at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris. She also worked with Pascal Nemirovski from 1998 to 2006 and with Genevieve Joy-Dutilleux. Her time with Pascal Nemirovski had a great impact on the young artist.
She made her debut with an orchestra with Beethoven’s Concert No 2 when she was thirteen. However, international fame came to her in 2005 with her Bach/Liszt recording. Gramophone Magazine termed it as Recording of the Month.  It was a remarkable achievement for the sixteen year old. Encouraged by the appreciation she went ahead with her music career gaining more recognition and popularity for her musical accomplishments. Her Naive recording of first concertos of Liszt, Prokofiev and Shostakovich were much appreciated.
Having pursued her passion from such a young age it didn’t take long for Lise de la Salle to establish her name as an exciting musician and pianist. Soon she was travelling internationally giving concerts and performances that won her a lot of fans and admiration from the music circles. Lise de la Salle has graced the stage of several famous theaters and performed at prestigious venues.
Throughout her music career the Cherbourg native, Lise de la Salle has charmed her audience with her artistry and has earned rave reviews from critics and magazines for her memorable performances.For her music style and artistry over her skills she displays a maturity that defies her age. Her playing reflects a depth, vision and passion that is amazing. The beautiful combination brings across her music as fresh, radiant and exhilarating. Lise de la Salle recitals are known to be so captivating that one of the Washington Post critics described that during them the audience had to remember to breathe such was her effect on them.
Los Angeles Philharmonic Lise de la Salle show is going to be no different. It promises to be one of a kind event where the artist will display her skills and talent to the delight of the audiences.  If you want see the magical effect she has on her audience then make sure you have Los Angeles Philharmonic Lise de la Salle tickets with you.