Los Angeles Philharmonic Rite Of Spring

Los Angeles Philharmonic Rite Of Spring Tickets

Classical symphonic music is very old, dating as far back as the eleventh century. Its luminaries have included the likes of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Wagner, who have been instrumental in defining the genre. One such innovator was the renowned 20th century Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, whose most famous work is The Rite of Spring. This much-celebrated production is now going to be performed by the one of the most acclaimed American orchestras of all time. The resulting performance will be the Los Angeles Philharmonic Rite of Spring classical concert.

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The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, as the name suggests, is based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded is the 1919 by a wealthy copper baron and arts enthusiast, named William Andrews Clark, Jr. After its creation, the orchestra was staffed very quickly and began performing less than two weeks after its first rehearsal. Throughout the 1930s, the orchestra introduced the audiences of LA to many important works by eminent foreign composers, like Stravinsky. For a while, the orchestra did well, but its fate took a turn for the worse after its founder passed away.
Having no financial backing, the orchestra was saved by the efforts of the Southern California Symphony Association. The latter’s support helped the orchestra survive the 1920s depression. However, the orchestra was in trouble once again after its musical director was incorrectly diagnosed with a tumor, and undergone a surgery which paralyzed him. He was replaced shortly thereafter.
Over the course of the 1950s and 1960s, the orchestra’s leadership underwent key changes. These included Dorothy Buffum Chandler, who became the effective head of the orchestra’s board of directors. Chandler was responsible for finding the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra a permanent home venue as well as hiring prominent names as the music directors.  During this period, Chandler’s hiring decisions for the position of musical director resulted in a respectable amount of success for the orchestra.
It wasn’t until 1969 that the orchestra really caught the world’s attention, when Ernest Fleischmann was appointed the post of Executive Vice President and General Manager. Fleischmann introduced ideas that were radical, ahead of their time and were outright ground-breaking. He created two different musical groups, composed of the same musicians as the orchestra, but whose performances were separate and distinct from the main orchestra. These groups were the Los Angeles Philharmonic Chamber Music Society and the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group. This innovation provided the orchestra with opportunities to expand their musical horizons, resulting in some truly remarkable performances. The success of Fleischmann’s ideas caused other orchestras around the world to imitate them.
The orchestra continued to enjoy success and in 1992, Esa-Pekka Salonen was hired for the position of the Music Director Designate. Under his leadership, the orchestra garnered even more acclaim, especially for its performance at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris for a Stravinsky festival. Salonen has been responsible for the orchestra touring extensively in the U.S., Asia and Europe. He is further credited by critics for making the L.A Philharmonic innovative, progressive and forward-thinking. Salonen’s tenure with the orchestra has even been considered a “turning point” for the history of classical music in America.
So, by all accounts, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Rite of Spring performance is a perfect combination. At the time of its inception, The Rite of Spring was ahead of its time. It was so progressive and avant-garde, that the first ever performance incited hostile and divisive reactions from audiences and critics alike. Some derided it as meritless drivel. Others considered it a breakthrough in the art-form.
Considering its previous experience with Stravinsky’s music, it would seem that no orchestra is better suited to performing it than the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Needless to say, Los Angeles Philharmonic Rite of Spring tickets are sure to be in high demand.
The Rite of Spring was described by Igor Stravinsky as a representation of an ancient “pagan Russia”, brought together by the mystical, creative power of the season of spring. The production is a ballet, accompanied by an orchestra. It is divided into two parts and thirteen movements. It is considered a masterpiece and a seminal example of a progressive classical composition.
Given the reputation of both the composition itself and orchestra playing it, Los Angeles Philharmonic Rite of Spring is sure to be an exciting performance. Fans of inventive classical music can now get Los Angeles Philharmonic Rite of Spring tickets and witness the masterpiece in person, as it was always meant to be played. This performance is sure to be a highlight of the year.