Los Lonely Boys Tickets

Known by the popular reference of ‘Willie Nelson’s favorite new group’ at one time, the Los Lonely Boys from San Angelo are today the diehard favorites of many music lovers across the country. The band comprises of three brothers with Henry Garza on guitar, Jojo Garza on bass and Ringo Garza on drums. The vocals for their ‘Texican Rock n’ Roll’ (as they call it) music are contributed by all three members of the respective group. Los Lonely Boys tickets are in stock for the band’s upcoming performances this summer.


The Garza brothers emerged in the 1990s as a local band of Nashville. Together they released two records of their own on a small scale. After relocating to their home state of Texas, the musicians embarked upon their first professional album recording in the year 2003. This was at Willie Nelson’s recording studio in Austin. The album was released and distributed under Epic records in 2004. The band’s debut single ‘Heaven’ topped the Adult Contemporary Chart while peaking at No 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song also made it to number 46 on the Hot Country Songs chart and eventually went on to win a Grammy for the ‘Best Pop Performance by a Duo/Group with Vocals’ in 2005. The following year the band again garnered two honors of the prestigious awards for its songs ‘Onda’ and ‘Love’.


The Texas based band produced their second album ‘Sacred’ in 2006. It debuted at the second spot of the US Billboard 200. The record’s popular song ‘Outlaws’ consists of performing contributions by both Willie Nelson as well as the boys’ father Enrique Garza. Due to the utilization of multi instruments, the sound of ‘Sacred’ is more elaborate and well crafted than the previous album by Los Lonely Boys. Other hit numbers of the record include ‘My Way’, ‘Home’, ‘Roses’ and’ I never met a woman’.


The music trio came up with their third official album by the name of ‘Forgiven’ in 2008. Consisting of altogether twelve numbers, the record’s music sound is predominantly blues based. The lead single of the collection called ‘Staying with me’ instantly grabs the attention of the listener with its powerful chorus harmonies and soulful guitar lines by the eldest brother, Henry Garza. Songs like ‘Love you always’, ‘Heart won’t tell a lie’ and ‘The way I feel’ are some of the hits comprising ‘Forgiven’. Produced by Steve Gordon, the songs of the record are a live recording of the Garza brother’s soundstage performance. It breaks away from the convention of getting musicians to record their respective parts in isolation and brings them together to complement each other and produce music as a team effort.   


Although the Garza brothers were not around in 1969, yet the era and its popular numbers hold a strong influence over the sensibilities of the three musicians. Released in 2009, the five songs EP entitled ‘1969’ serves as the boys’ tribute and celebration of the fortieth anniversary of one of the richest years in music history. Hence their EP consists of a bunch of their favorite cover songs such as Santana’s ‘Evil ways’, Beatle’s ‘She came in through the bathroom window’ and Tony Joe White’s ‘Polk salad Annie’.


Los Lonely Boys’ latest studio album ‘Rockpango’ is an expansion of their Texican rock n’ roll sound.  Its compositions are entirely written by the musicians themselves. The record presents a conscious effort on the part of the brothers to explore new territories of music aesthetics. While tracks like ‘American Idle’ and Fly Away’ depict a familiar side of their music style, the distinct sound of the number ‘Love in my veins’ is reminiscent of that by Santana. ‘Baby Girl’ provides for the funk element of the record whereas ‘16 monkeys’ is a catchy fun number with orchestration by the Tosca String Quartet. ‘Rockpango’ (Rock party) reveals a matured sense of musicality by the young stars. Although the boys borrow certain elements and characteristics of legendary music artists, yet they maintain their original music essence and signature style which is a mix of blues, soul, country, Tejano and rock n’ roll.


The Los Lonely Boys are coming your way to put up an electrifying show of their popular numbers and cover songs. They will also be joined by the Grammy winning rock band from Los Angeles called ‘Los Lobos’. So get your Los Lonely boys tickets and get ready for a smashing rock n roll party along two of the most popular bands of the genre.