Louis Ck Tickets

Louis CK is a multi talented entertainer doing equal justice to all his professional activities. He is a well-known director, producer, actor, film and TV writer, and a highly appreciated standup comedian. Originating from Massachusetts, Louis CK has earned the utmost respect for the quality of his work. For more than two decades now, the artist has been entertaining audiences through various media forms – TV, films, radio, and theatre.
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Louis’ diverse professional experience has set an example for all aspiring artists. He began his career in 1984 at a regional comedy club and soon started getting paid for his work. His career got a boost when he started opening the show for Jerry Seinfeld. Since then, the spectacular artist’s career as a comedian has shown an increasing trend in his popularity. People love him for his exquisite comedy timings and delivery. Louis CK has performed often on television shows like Late Show with David Letterman, Lopez Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, and The Night Show with Jay Leno.

Soon the entertainer kicked off with performances at HBO. He participated in a half-hour standup comedy show at the channel in 2005 and starred as the solo performer in an hour long show called the ‘Shameless’ the next year. Louis CK’s performance in the special standup recorded episode ‘Chewed Up’ was nominated for the title of Outstanding Writing in a Comedy or Variety Special at Emmy Awards. Another of his special standup comedy ‘Hilarious’ became the first ever comedy movie to be made a part of Sundance.

Louis also came up with a sitcom by the name Lucky Louie and started performing in it in 2006. The series is known to be first of a television recording that took place in front of a live audience. The show was cancelled on HBO after its first season. However, a couple of years back FX bought it and now its third season is in production. Other prominent on-air appearances include Diminished Capacity, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, and The Invention of Lying.

Louis CK also established himself as a writer. His skills are very well reflected in his contribution to shows like The Late Show with David Letterman, The Chris Rock Show, The Dana Carvey Show, and Late Night with Canon O’ Brien. His writing skills earned the deserved appreciation with his nomination for Best Writing in a Variety or Comic Series for Late Night with Canon O’ Brien and The Chris Rock Show several times at the Emmy Awards. CK finally won this writing title at Emmy Awards in 1999. He also wrote for several films, some gained popularity and others some level of critique. His work in the film Tomorrow Night was appreciated and the movie went on to being played at Sundance. His short films received a much warmer response. He wrote six short stories for Showtime network and co-wrote screenplays for I Think I Love My Wife and Down To Earth. He also received an Emmy Award for writing for ‘Chewed Up’.

He often appeared at Radio shows to entertain and interact with his supporters. He took part in the Traveling Virus Comedy Tour conducted by Opie and Anthony radio channel with other artists and made the spectators burst into crazy laughs. He also initiated his own YouTube Channel where he uploaded short films, sketches, and stories of the earlier part of his career and interacted with his fans.

The spontaneous mastermind standup comedian, skilful writer, and an even better actor, Louis CK has lived the true life of an entertainer and reached peak in all the entertainment activities that he adopted. The stage presence of such an outstanding artist speaks for itself. His shows are worth spending every single penny. Book your Louis CK tickets right away and treat yourself to a night full of insane laughs that will echo in your mind for times to come.