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Luis Miguel is a Puerto Rican-born pop singer who later move to Mexico and raised as popular singer in the 1980s. He was born in April 19, 1970. He is well-known for his soft slow voice songs and romantic ballads. He is known as the sun of Mexico. He is the most popular singer of Latin Region and has won four Latin Grammys and five Grammys, and received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the age of 26. He is also record holder of the best-selling living performing Latin artist[citation needed]. Luis Miguel has sold more than 90 million records worldwide. His hallof fame is not only limited to the Latin Region but, from Japan to Paris is recognition of his talent.
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Luis Miguel is often referred to as "mysterious" by the public and media as he often miss the award shows and when ever he attends he avoid the press and uses a rare entrance. He likes to keep private matters out of media but his work and personality always remains in the hearts and minds of the people, specially his lovers. Imagine that what has given this mysterious singer for his private life with now media gossip of his relationship with so many beautiful ladies. He is considered as the "Latin Frank Sinatra who was a solo artist with a great success in 1940s.

From 1982 to 1984 he recorded only four albums i.e. Enamorados, Directo Al Corazon, Decidete and Palabra de Honor. In the mean time he started many international tours and also made his first film Ya Nunca Mas, which was not a good experience for him and then he said goodbye to his film career. However he gained his first gold record for his interpretations of the songs in this film, that fillows many more later on.

Although, Miguel's albums were not in English but, he acclaim and industry-recognized success was to follow soon. Together with a Scottish star Sheena Easton he recorded a duet and won his first Grammy Award in 1985.

In the the next year his fifth album Soy Como Quiero Ser wa released. It was the first album that he made with composer/producer Juan Carlos Calderon. This combination also got success with a total of eight gold records and five platinum records. Same year he tried his luck for second movie 'Fiebre De Amor' with the actress/singer Lucero.

In 1987, cut of his professional relationship with his father and signed a deal with Warner Music and continue his work with the same company up till now. This changes has totally alter his career with major success in 1988, 1992, 1994 with block buster music and expanding fame of hall.

His next album came in 1990, Called 20 Anos, the album sold more than 600,000 in the week. Same year he toured Luis Miguel also toured both Mexico and the USA. With International fame was spreading to Europe, especially Spain where he won European Excellence and also the Best Selling Artist Category at the World Music Awards in Monaco, which was a double first - it was his first award from this organization. He took a risk and released a new album called Romance. It was not pop oriented, but moved towards a slower more romantic style.'Romance' sold very well, including a total of more than 7 million albums internationally resulting in 70 platinum awards.

He was also the only Latin American artist that received an invitation to take part in the recording of the theme song for the 1992 Summer Olympics that were to take place in Barcelona, Spain, called "Barcelona Gold".That has set the platform for this most popular singer and in 1993 another album was released which achieved 40 platinum and four gold records.

It was also this same year that he was to make the one recording of his career in English. It was a guest appearance on an album by Frank Sinatra, in the duet of Come Fly with Me. Part of his album called Duets II.

The third Bolero album, Romances, was releases in 1997. Here we see a further development in his career, as this was self-produced. This was also another touring year, with sell out dates all over the United States.

He won his fourth Grammy award in 1998. In one of his latest albums, Amarte Es Un Placer, he is again reunited with Juan Carlos Calderon, who wrote and produced the songs on the album including Tu Mirada, Soy Yo, Sol, Arena y Mar, O Tu o Ninguna, Quiero, Dormir contigo, Dimelo en un beso, No me fio Te propongo esta noche, Tu solo tu, Ese momento, and Amarte es un Placer..

In 2001, Luis Miguel released his fourth bolero album since 1997 of his previous album Romancestitled Mis Romances. The album was another hit. Its single Amor Amor Amor, and Como Duele. The album earned a Latin Billboard award for Best Male Latin Pop Album. In 2003, after a gap of 4 years, he released his first pop album, a collection of ballads and up-tempo songs. Entitled as 33 (referring his age) was the hit and best selling Latin pop music.In 2004, Luis Miguel released Mexico en la Piel, a collection of traditional Mexican mariachi songs. 2005 was the released of Grandes Exitos that featured his greatest songs he recorded. Even now, he is riding his success in every corner of the world. His new studio album is called "Complices" and was released in May 6, 2008.