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Lynyrd Skynyrd happens to be a South American rock band that gained recognition in the 1970's in the United States. The fame of this rock band was not restricted to its home ground only, in fact, Lynyrd Skynyrd also rose to world wide recognition by making one of the most rocking songs for the music lovers. Initially the band went through a very bad patch as their lead vocalist, and songwriters died in a plane crash in 1977, with some of the team who survived with injuries. Totally devastated with the news of losing the dear ones, Lynyrd Skynyrd hibernated for a while to gather themselves and to continue their musical journey forward. A tribute band was then formed in 1987 for a reunion tour and for memoirs of good time together. Then onwards they continued to record music till today.

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The band continued to perform throughout the South in the early 1970s as it was the year of peak success for the rock band, further developing perfection in remaking of their rock band after they had been struck by tragedy. It all started when a bunch of school going students got together and formed a band which was initially named, "The Noble Five." Then again with the passing time, the youngsters' thought of renaming the band as "My Backyard", "One Percent" was even under consideration. After quite some effort it was finally decided that the rock band would be named after one of their dear teacher. Leonard Skinnerd was thy name of the teacher whom the band was dedicated to. However, to be viewed as a distinct rock band, its team members came up with another suggestion as to have different spelling of the band name, a name that would let rather force an individual to know what the band "Lynyrd Skynyrd" is all about.

They then released their first album was a huge success amongst the masses. And in a short span of time, their fan club had increased to quite an extend and with the tour to the United States, their fan base continued to grow even more rapidly. There was no stopping for the rock band after their success. They gave one hit song after another and gradually stamped a name in the rocking world of music. Amazing as it may sound, but there had been no stopping for the rock band. Of course the tragedy that struck the band was the only major gap that put to a halt the band news for some time.

Lynyrd Skynyrd rock band was so full of energy and enthusiasm, that with them in the musical industry and the immense force that they portrayed in their songs would rip the chart records and change the whole chart by topping it a number of times. And to keep the pioneers alive in the hearts of its fans, an NGO has taken the responsibility of keeping the rock band alive even today by setting up a website so as to keep them alive in the hearts of their music lovers. Like this the foundation can provide the dedicated band a complete Lynyrd Skynyrd resource. The photo gallery of the band members, their performance on stage in different places, and detailed history and biographies of every band member and much more.

Although the void cannot be fulfilled, but the people associated to the band, who died in the horrific plane crash shall never be forgotten as they were the actual team members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and were pioneers and shall always be mentioned whenever this rock band is discussed. Lynyrd Skynyrd is one big example of showing courage in the musical industry after going through a very big tragedy that could end up in dissolving the band, but the rock bands kept going on and on which made them even bigger in the eyes of their fans.

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