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Rock music and heavy metal have their fans all across the globe with thousands of events being organized every day, but the fun gets simply unforgettable when it comes to some of the leading events of the world, like M3 Rock Festival. Your M3 Rock Festival tickets would enable you to be a part of some of the history making moments in the Rock music scene.

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Merriwether Post Pavilion, one of the world's most beautiful amphitheaters would be hosting the M3 Rock Festival. The arena is located in Columbia, Maryland and is famous for the beautiful musical performances that have been performed there in the past. Among the participants of the festival are included Kix, Ratt, Cinderella, Queensryche, Night Ranger and Warrant along with others. It is expected that the lineup of rock bands at the M3 Rock Festival would include as many as 19 of the top class rock bands this year.
The configuration of the festival this year is such that no fan would have to compromise on one performance over another. There would be two or more stages, each equipped with some state of the art musical equipment. The configuration of the performances is such that there would not be any overlap and therefore no listener would have to miss out on one performance in order to enjoy another one. All the stages would follow a strict schedule of performances in order to maximize the enjoyment of the spectators.
The two stages that would host the event are also equipped with technically excellent audio visual equipment, and the arrangements are done in such a way that all the screens at both the stages would be telecasting the same performance at a time. This would ensure that the spectators do not miss out on even a single note when the performance is finished at one stage and starts at the other one. The two day M3 Rock Festival would showcase the masterpieces by some of the most popular rock bands from the international rock music scene.
Queensryche, the American progressive heavy metal band that would perform at the M3 Rock Festival was formed in 1981. Having sold over 20 million albums throughout the world, the band would ensure that the visitors at the festival get simply the best of their performance and music.
Another band lined up to perform at the festival is Ratt. This Los Angeles, California based band has a peculiar color of pop music mixed with their brand of Rock that makes their fans go wild as they set the stage on fire. Their musical style is often compared with Aerosmith and Cheap Trick, some of the legendary bands from the past.
Bango Tango and Cinderella are also lined up for M3 Rock Festival. Both are renowned for their great fan following and remarkable stage presence. The two bands have a long history behind them that has earned them a great deal of musical maturity.
Bands like Enuff Z'Nuff, Dokken, Great White and In the Pink are some more of the attractions from the upcoming event. These bands are comprised of relatively younger members, and therefore have most of their fan following in the teenagers. Another band named Kix that was previously called as The Shooze and then Generators for some time, would also entertain the music lovers at the upcoming M3 Rock Festival. The band belongs to Baltimore, and has been in the business for decades now. Similarly, L. A. Guns would also be performing at the festival, the band that has been ruling the rock music industry of Los Angeles for a long time now.
Every year people travel from all over the country to witness one of the greatest rock music festivals named M3 Rock Festival. If you also want to enjoy some of the ultimate musical performances by the bands that are ruling the rock music industry today, grab your M3 Rock Festival tickets soon before it’s too late!

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