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In the world of Latin pop and Salsa music, Marc Anthony reigns as the most successful act in his genre. With two Grammy and three Latin Grammy Awards to his name, Marc Anthony stands as the most successful and best-selling Latin pop and Salsa artists of all times. Marc Anthony’s fame isn’t contained to the Latin community only but in fact his listenership is spread all across the world. Due to a huge fan base all across the globe, Anthony has sold well over thirty million albums all over the world.

In addition to all the awards that he has claimed, Anthony was also honored with a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Chair’s Award in 2009. Also in the same year, he took home CHCI Chair’s Lifetime Achievement Award . Anthony also shares the top spot on Billboard Tropical Songs Chart for having the most numbers of #1 singles. He shares that spot with Victor Manuelle. It is due to this immense popularity that Marc Anthony attracts hordes of Latin music listeners to his concerts every year. Every time he’s out on his concert tour, Marc Anthony tickets grow a high demand.

Anthony had a flair for music ever since he was in his early ages. So he decided to pursue music as his career of choice. Initially Anthony started lending his vocals as a session musician to various underground acts based in New York. But later Anthony took a major turn in his career and started writing songs and providing backing vocals to acts like Latin Rascals and Menudo. Anthony made his studio debut as a freestyle musician when he released Rebel as his debut album in 1988. In 1988, Anthony also wrote a song for another freestyle musician Sa-Fire called Boy I’ve Been Told. Anthony also worked as the producer of the song. Following year he also performed alongside Ann Marie on a song called With or Without You , which became a freestyle club hit.

Later in 1990, he also performed a Duet with Chrissy l-eece along with Todd Terry and Little Louie Vega. In addition he also wrote the song and it was called You Should Know By Now. Marc Anthony performed as a backing vocalist on yet another freestyle track called Come Back To Me in 1991; this time with Edmond. In the meantime, Anthony still kept on working with Todd Terry and with him, he lent his vocals for the song Love Change which was featured on the album by Elan and The Powermachine. During that time, he also kept his collaboration going with Little Louis Vega. It was in 1992 when Anthony took a turn from Freestyle music to Salsa and Latin music.

In 1993, Anthony was offered to record as a salsa musician by the President of RMM Records, Ralph Mercado. Although initially Anthony declined the offer, but later he accepted to do so. In the same year, Anthony made his debut as a Spanish musician with his album Otra Nota. The release of the album was followed by supporting concert tours, which boosted Anthony’s reputation as a salsa musician. He claimed a Billboard Award for the category of Hot Tropical Artist of the Year for his second Spanish album called Todo a su tiempo. Apart from earning a Grammy nomination, the album furthered Anthony’s reputation as a salsa artist. His follow Spanish album called Contra la Corriente also garnered positive reception.

In 1999 during the crossover wave, Anthony decided to record his self titled English album. The album spawned two English hit singles I Need to Know and You Sang To Me. After that Anthony has released a total of six more studio albums to date. The most recent of his studio work was seen in his 2010 release Iconos.

As of today, this Salsa music sensation enjoys a worldwide popularity with millions of fans listening to his music. He is surely a delightful act to watch on stage, so grab your Marc Anthony tickets and let this amazing artist spellbind you with his performance!

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