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Great vocals and perfection with various instruments has made Marcos Witt a legend. His compositions have been lauded world over and he has been acclaimed critically as well. The artist specializes in classical music and since the mid eighties has enjoyed unprecedented success for his 31 studio albums. His plans for this year are highlighted by a live tour and Marcos Witt tickets for the event are available for sale now!

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Marco Witt traces his roots from a missionary family settled in Mexico. Determined about his passion and confident about his interests, the artist after getting done with his basic education joined University of Juarez to study classical music. In the mid eighties with a master’s degree instead of joining a fancy business organization, he chose the path that led to his dream of becoming a successful singer. He founded a production company CanZion Producciones and recorded his first project named Cancion a Dios. It was an instant hit and it was this point from where the first chapter of success was written in the book of his musical career.
Marcos Witt has composed about 31 studio albums up till now and sold more than 10,000,000 records. His career spans over three decades and has won him millions of fans from across the globe. The artist has been lucky enough throughout his musical journey and success has greeted him on almost every initiative taken since his inception in the industry. He is recognized with a number of honors and awards highlighted by Latin Grammy Awards, GMA Dove Awards, AMCL Awards and others.
The artist is not just a brilliant singer but also an outstanding songwriter, speaker, author and a pastor. Marcos Witt has written ten books so far. One of his recent narrations is Adoremos which is currently being translated in three different languages including Portuguese, French and English. Apart from promoting good literature, he had an aim to promote music through a formal platform. So he took the initiative and established a school, CanZion Institute that was not only designed to polish people’s abilities to become music ministers but also religious leaders. The artist himself has attended more than 100 leadership conferences and seminars and works dedicatedly to equip pastors and leaders with the appropriate skills.
Venturing into a number of domains didn’t let Marcos Witt lose focus on music. His live performances are anticipated across the world with great excitement. From 2009 till 2012, more than 3,000,000 people attended his concerts in well known venues such as Fegali Convention Center in Argentina, El Estadio Monumental in Ecuader, Estadio Azteca in Mexico City and others. The artist is once again coming up with a sensational concert and this time in a famous venue of your town. The schedule for the upcoming concert of Marcos Witt has been finalized and the tickets have been made available.
Marcos Witt because of his formal knowledge in classical music and a great experience of practicing it over the years is no less than a legend. He is taken as an influence by the younger musicians who try to mould their tunes like those of Witt’s as a formula of success. His school for music is still operational and is working positively in breeding talented musicians. With this, there is a clear hope that the classical music has a bright future in the coming years like the other music genres.
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