Maroon 5 Train Tickets

In one of the greatest events this year, the bands Maroon 5 and Train will be performing together at a venue for a concert unmatched by any other. Both these bands are the greatest in the world of rock music and there may not be rock fan who has not heard the pop like catchy tunes by Maroon 5 and the slightly harder but exciting hits by Train. Plus, both these bands are Californian bands; one hailing from Los Angeles and the next hailing from San Francisco. Thus, a performance by one of these bands would be something very incredible; a performance by both these bands is something worth dying for. But you don't need to; all you have to is just grab these Maroon 5 & Train tickets and get going for a once in a lifetime concert!

The American rock band, Maroon 5 comes from the city of angels in the spectacular state that is California. The band was formed when its members were still in high school and was made up of Adam Levine as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Jesse Carmichael as the keyboardist, Mickey Madden as the bass guitarist, and Ryan Dusick as the drummer. The band was first formed as a garage band known as Kara's Flowers but later on changed their name to Maroon 5. In 1998, the band released their first album, Songs About Jane which was an immediate success with four hit singles, Harder to Breathe , She Will Be Loved , This Love and Sunday Morning . It finally went triple platinum not only in the US but in many countries of the world.

In 2005, Maroon 5 was awarded a Grammy Award for the Best New Artist and the next year the band released the album It Won't Be Soon Before Long which had four hit singles, Makes Me Wonder , Wake Up Call and Won't Go Home Without You . Maroon 5's third album was released in 2010 and was titled as Hands All Over. It was a big hit, charted high on the charts and sold millions of records. After a career that began in 2002, this band has sold around fifteen million records all over the world, an incredible number that few in the world of rock can or have matched. The band also performs with causes; it partnered with Global Cool and NME to help campaign on global warming.

Train, on the other hand, hails from the city of San Francisco and is a popular American rock band. It was formed back in 1994 and has been playing live concerts, touring and releasing albums since then. It is made up of Patrick Monahan as the band's lead vocalist, Jimmy Stafford as the band's guitarist and lending vocals and lastly but definitely not least, Scott Underwood the drummer and percussionist. This trio has turned the world of rock music upside down with their awesome tracks. Train's first album, Train, was an immediate commercial success and was released in 1998. It contained the hit single, Meet Virginia , with Train releasing the album Drops of Jupiter three years later in 2001.

This album propelled the band to massive popularity and fandom. It was a huge success and its hit single, Drops of Jupiter(Tell Me) , topped charts not only in the US but other countries becoming an international hit. This song went on to bag two Grammy Awards in 2002 and the album itself was double platinum in USA. In 2003, Train released their third studio album, My Private Nation, which stole the hearts of many and went platinum. It contained the hit single, Calling All Angels , that has played many times on radio and seen on TV by millions. Three years later, Train released their fourth studio album, For Me, It's You and it was an awesome piece of music. In 2009, Train released Save Me, San Francisco, an album that went five times multi platinum selling millions of copies and having three international hit singles; Hey , Soul Sister , If It's Love and Marry Me .

Thus, two of the greatest rock bands on this planet with hit albums, hit singles, numerous awards and having sold millions are something to be heard and seen live on stage for the greatest mix of rock music. Be sure to catch both Maroon 5 and Train through Maroon 5 & Train tickets!