Maroon 5 Tickets

Bright color with the hip hop hi five numbers certainly takes the attention towards a musical rock band. And yes you have guessed it right. Maroon 5 is a famous hip hop rock band based in Los Angeles, America. The renowned rock band also has the privilege of being awarded the Grammy Awards. The lucky band has won quite a lot of awards for their first album. Their debut album was a super hit amongst the music lovers. Released five years back, the album was a chart success all over the country as well as in many other countries around the globe. With becoming famous enters a great deal of responsibility along the way, the responsibility to strive for success further in the musical career. And therefore the rock band took some time off and stayed out of media attention.

However, after a short span of time they appeared with their second album, which also was a tremendous success and this second album became a reason for the band for minting billions of money once again. The songs sold like hotcakes and were an attraction to great many people especially the youngsters. The fame not just brought them achievement alone, but the band team got a chance to travel all around and discover new locations for every song, which was an added attraction for the song to become a hit.

With fame unlimited, great music and gaining added attraction by travelling to beautiful and adventurous places for shooting of their songs, Maroon 5 became prominent amongst brand labels. Their struggle and hard work, and then a hard earned success also brought a change in their attitude towards their work, attitude towards their life in total. In short, it was a turning point for the team of Maroon 5 as it brought on an entirely new genre of music which had a profound impact on the listeners.

After consistent success of Maroon 5, the band had been constantly on tours ever since the release of the album. This constant travelling to places sounds adventurous to many. But the touring for some did not work out the way it should have worked. Practice makes a man perfect, there is no doubting that theory, but with the rock band this theory didn't actually work to perfection as one of the band's back up vocalist and drummer had been suffering from his touring life and took a long leave from the rock band so as to stable himself to further carry on his career within the band. His first leave was not much of a rest period and therefore after re-joining the band, further moved away from the music world to cure his ailment. During his absence a substitute was hired so that the show could be carried on and so it did. Which seemed to be a temporary replacement for the band turned out to become a permanent member of the band team? With every passing time Maroon 5 started picking up airplay which helped stimulate the sales of their albums.

With the passage of time came in new techniques of making videos, digital cameras etc which made work even faster and compiling much easier for them. These new technical facilities available also added to the climbing heights of the rock band, which gained them further a place in the nomination of the annual Grammy Awards and then actually getting the awards for the best of the best songs of their albums. Getting this prestigious award is an honor, a responsibility to work even better in the future and mark a consistent place in the music industry. But with every action there lies an equal and opposite reaction. And with every award given, some critiques show the darker side of the picture by pointing out the unfair decision made by the juries and how the well deserved people lag behind while the one who are more prominent in the picture takes the cake. The Grammy awards are said to cater to a low intellect and do not actually honor the well deserved person, as should be the case. Critiques have always been a part of the news and provide people with the good and the bad side of the picture in total. And even though these critiques provide a cynical representation altogether, the Grammy awards still are and always will remain to be the prestigious award that further adds another feather in the cap for them.

With every advantage there are disadvantages present, but that does not stop people to work hard. So is the case with Maroon 5 who always focus on making good songs and ignoring the negative side of it.