Mcfly Tickets

McFly is a pop rock band from England which seems to have taken the world of music by a storm. Their tremendous popularity and the youthfulness of band members Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd has resulted into increased sale of McFLy tickets. So far they have released five music albums featuring popular music.

McFly released their debut album which is called Room on the 3rd Floor in July 2004. The album appeared at the number one spot on the UK Album Charts setting a new record for the youngest ever band to score a number one album. No other band had been able to break this record which was set by The Beatles in the 60s. Consequently comparisons with The Beatles were due and so far the band has managed to satisfy both their critics and fans by giving one hit after another. In its first week the album sold more than 61,500 copies and to date has sold more than 800,000 copies. The worldwide sales of this album are well over two million copies. Most of the songs in this album were written by Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones with help from James Bourne of Busted. Two singles released from this album, Five Colours In Her Hair and Obviously, topped the charts in the UK. The song That Girl reached the number three position in the charts and The Room On The 3rd Floor was another Top 10 hit for the band, as the single reached the number five spot. Other good songs from this album were Get Over You, Saturday Night, Unsaid Things and Broccoli.

The second album by McFLy is called Wonderland and released in August 2005, after almost a year from the release of their debut album. The album has sold more than a million copies all over the world and featured number one hit singles I’ll Be Ok, You’ve Got A Friend and All About You. Other popular songs from this album are I Wanna Hold You, The  Ballad Of Paul K, Ultraviolet, I’ve Got You and She Falls Asleep. Again Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones wrote the lyrics to most of the songs, but this time around they were joined by bassist and fellow band member Dougie Poynter. They wrote most of the music for this album while on tour to promote their first album.

The band released their third album Motion In The Ocean in 2006 which was a big hit, just like their previous albums. It featured number one hits like Baby’s Coming Back, Don’t Stop Me Now, Star Girl and Please Please, which according to popular belief is about Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan, but the band has denied it so far. Other popular songs from this album were Sorry’s Not Good Enough, Friday Night, Walk In The Sun and Transylvania.  All first three albums of Mcfly were released after a gap of almost one year but the band took two years to work on their next release and their fourth album was released in 2008.

Their fourth album Radio: Active has sold more than five hundred thousand copies around the world, but in terms of acclaim and praise like their previous work, this album has not been very successful. The chart performance of the singles released from this album was also dismal with only one single One For The Radio reaching the Top 3. The fifth album released by the band is called Above the Noise and was released in November 2010. The overall response to this album has been positive with a lot of critics noting the maturity of music and themes in the band’s music. Three singles from this album Party Girl, Shine A Light and That’s The Truth did well in music charts worldwide.
The band has been working on their sixth album in between concerts and tours to promote their fifth album. More recently they have started showcasing new material from their upcoming album at live performances. If you are a fan and can hardly wait for their next album, get yourself McFLy tickets for a chance to see them perform live at a venue near you.