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The summer of 2012 is starting to look like the best summer in a very long time with one good news following another about several different events and concerts planned for the hot season this year. The most recent development is the announcement about the line up for the most awaited rock music festival this year as MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash event comes closer and closer. In addition to heavy metal and rock giants like Godsmack, Slash and Shinedown the event is going to feature Steel Panther, Halestorm and several other popular metal bands. With things heating up for the festival as more and more bands join to make this summer extra special, the frenzy to get MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash tickets has already begun!
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The MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash concert is organized by 93.3 WMMR rock radio station, which is the equivalent of the Vatican for all rock music lovers. The station is the pioneer amongst radio stations to start airing live rock shows, and has done most interviews with the leading rock musicians. Back in the 70s when bands like Van Halen and U2 were only just starting their musical journey the station was one of the first to start playing their music. Since the summer of 2007, the radio station has been organizing the MMRBQ rock music concert to kick start the summer music festival period with a high dose of rock music. Past performers at the event have included big names like Velvet Revolver, ZZ Top, Evanescence, Buckcherry and Papa Roach. But this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than previous years with an interesting line up.
Godsmack is one of the main attractions at the MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash concert this year. The heavy metal band from Massachusetts after starting its musical career in the mid nineties has gone ahead to rule the American music charts and produced several number one hit singles. The current lineup for the band includes two original members from their lineup in 1995 and two new members. Sully Erna who is the lead vocalist, drummer and rhythm guitarist for the band and Robbie Merrill the main bassist have stayed with the band since its initial days. Tony Rambola the lead guitarist joined in 1997 and the drummer Shannon Larkin in 2002. Godsmack to date have released five studio albums, one compilation album, a single EP, three video albums, eleven music videos and twenty singles. Their third album Faceless, the next IV and The Oracle released in 2010 all topped the US charts for most sales upon release. Fans are all hopeful the band will sing their number one hit singles like Whiskey Hangover, I Stand Alone, Straight Out Of Line and Wake at the MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash concert.
Another prominent performer at this year’s concert is Shinedown the alternative metal band from Florida. The band released its first album Leave A Whisper in 2003 and have released three more albums since then. Their most recent released is their fourth album Amaryllis which was released only this year and has done amazingly well in terms of record sales. The band will be sampling a lot of new music from their fourth album at the MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash concert. But the fans would also be treated to their other hit singles like Second Chance, Devour, Save Me and I Dare You.
Shinedown and Godsmack will be joined by Slash at MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash concert who was the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and is an acclaimed songwriter and musician. As a solo artist he has released a self titled debut in 2010 and Apocalyptic Love is his upcoming album which will be released later this year. He would be singing a lot of his new songs but with some persuasion from the crowd there is a chance he will sing some other hits from earlier in his career. If you are looking for fun things to do this summer get your MMRBQ 2012 Godsmack Shinedown Slash tickets now!

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