Mumford And Sons Tickets

The rock music genre has been dominated by band after band. It is considered to be one of the purest forms of music ever to be created by people. It has experienced its fair share of legends over the course of its history and it is not surprising in the slightest to consider the number of bands that come out every year in order to leave audiences mesmerized by the music they one. One such band that has done just that has to be Mumford and Sons. The band, despite being a new entrant in the seemingly endless list of bands playing rock music, has been on the rise for the past year and is now on its way to become one of the most recognizable and iconic bands to ever grace the music industry. It has been predicted by countless people that the band will eventually take its place amongst the greatest ever rock bands in the future. It is a claim which is backed by the fact that the band won numerous music awards including the ARIA Music Award and the Brit Award, and has also seen itself being nominated for two Grammy Awards. ---- Mumford and Sons came into existence during October in the year 2007. They hail from England and are a band that creates music that falls under the folk rock genre. The band consists of four members, all of whom are of English and each one being a very talented multi-instrumentalist. Each band member plays a different instrument but everyone is involved in the vocals. Marcus Mumford, the band’s lead, plays the guitar, the drums and also the mandolin. Winston Marshall plays the banjo and also the dobro. Ted Dwane plays the guitar, the drums and also the string bass. The final member of the band is Ben Lovett and he plays the keyboards, the accordion and also the drums. The band is known for coming out of what was famously described as the West London folk scene by the media. It is the same scenario that has resulted in the emergence of other musicians which include the likes of Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale.

Mumford and Sons launched an EP which was titled Love Your Ground in November 2008 before the release of their first album. The purpose of this EP, as well as the massive tours it held in the UK, was to raise awareness of the band’s music and name in order to pump up their audiences before eventually releasing their first album. In October 2009, the band went on to release their much anticipated album in the UK and was titled Sigh No More. The album was released four months later in the United States. The album included the smash hit single Little Lion Man which was recognized by various disco jockeys including those who hosted shows on BBC Radio 1 and XFM to be the ‘hottest’ track of the year. The album success was shown by the ratings it received on various charts across the world. It went on to claim the number two spot on the UK Album Chart and also claimed the same ranking for the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Mumford and Sons saw their remarkable rise to fame and glory see newer heights as each day passed in the year 2010. In November, the band went on to win the ARIA Music Award under the category of the Most Popular International Artist for the year 2010. In December of the same year, the band went on to be nominated for a total of two Grammy Awards. The first nomination was for the Best New Artist of the year and the second nomination saw their song Little Lion Man competing for the Best Rock Song of the year. They also performed their song Cave as part of the opening ceremony of the Grammy Awards. In February 2011, Mumford and Sons won the Brit Award for their album Sigh No More under the category of the Best British Album. As a result of these accolades, the album has gone on to sell a total of over one million copies in the United Kingdom and the United States combined. It also achieved considerable success in other countries which included Australia and New Zealand.

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