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Muse - a British rock band was formed in Teignmouth, Devon in 1997, its members were Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard, play a fusion of alternative rock, Progressive Rock, classical music, electronica and heavy metal.
The Muse group formed after Matthew Bellamy effectively auditioned for the part of guitarist in Dominic Howard's band. Under the name Rocket Baby Dolls and with a Gothic/glam image in 1994, the group won a local battle of the bands contest. After a few years, Muse played their first gigs in London and Manchester. In 2003, Absolution- a new studio album was released and produced by Rich Costey. The album displayed a sequel of the experimentation displayed in Origin of Symmetry, while maintaining a sense of the band as a three-piece. The album comprised of the hit number "Time Is Running Out".

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