The Music Of Abba Tickets

ABBA are the biggest music export from Sweden, who took the world by storm in the seventies and eighties, selling more than three hundred and seventy million records worldwide. Since their success and eventual breakup, they have had many tribute shows featuring their material, such as the movie and musical Mamma Mia! that became a hit sensation in itself. Other examples include The ABBA Museum which opened in Sweden in 2013, and Playstation ABBAs sing Star that also has been quite a success. This incredible group is the biggest pop act of all times that has been compared only to the likes of the Beatles and Elvis. Their legacy is one that will live forever through their extraordinary music.

Arrival from Sweden - Music of ABBA, which is another tribute show, has been described as the greatest ABBA show performed all over the world across more than fifty countries, in sold-out houses. Since 1995, this tribute group has taken twenty-five sold-out tours within the US, becoming a major buzz among the Swedish pop group’s fans. It really is the most authentic, and spirited ABBA show to date that has been played out in the exact replicas of its original band featuring the very famous staging clothes that have exclusively been approved by the clothing designer of ABBA. Arrival from Sweden has performed with some of the greatest orchestra of the world as well as with ABBA’s original musicians. This group is the only ABBA tribute band ever to be given the band’s previously unreleased song, Just a Notion, immediately from Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, making Music of ABBA tickets the essential must-have among fans.
Arrival from Sweden - Music of ABBA is the highest-selling and most popular ABBA show band that started out in 1995, appearing in many radio and TV shows around the world. The group has played with some of the most renowned symphonies of the world including San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Madison Chamber Orchestra, Houston Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Hobbs Symphony Orchestra, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Southwest Symphony Orchestra, American Festival Orchestra & Chorus, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Palm Desert Symphony Orchestra, Toledo Symphony Orchestra, Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, and Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra¸ among many more in the US. They have also performed with Canada’s Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, England’s National Symphony Orchestra, China’s Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Sweden’s DalaSinfoniettan,, and Canada’s Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Denmark’s Odense Symphony Orchestra, to name a few.
What is more exciting about forthcoming Music of ABBA shows is that they may now feature ABBA’s original members including drummer Roger Palm who first played with the original band in 1972, following by performances in hits like I Do I Do I Do, Take Chance on Me, Dancing Queen, Rock Me, and Mamma Mia; guitarist Finn Sjoberg who played with them between 1974 and 1977, and took tours with them, performing about fifty live gigs; percussionist and drummer Ake Sundqvist who performed with ABBA on all their tours and is considered to be among the greatest drummers and percussionists in the world; guitarist Janne Schaffer who began working with them by recording  People Need Love, which was followed by forty-seven more. Other artists joining the show include saxophonist Ulf Andersson who is was the most sought-after saxophonist in the seventies and still continues to be after having performed with Lars Samuelson Big Badn, Larry Willis, Rich Matteson, Monica Zetterlund, Frank Sinatra, Georgie Fame, and Tchad Jones. He has been part of many ABBA world tours and has also performed in thousands of recordings. Yet more artists to possibly appear at the show include guitarist Mats Ronander, bass player Rutger Gunnarsson, drummer Ola Brunkert, bass player Mike Watson and saxophonist Janne Kling. This is an ABBA show that cannot be missed, so grab your Music of ABBA tickets and come be taken aback by a performance markedly similar to the original band.