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Folk rock supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash, are prominent for their complex vocal harmonies, political activism, frequently tumultuous interpersonal relationships and most of all their indelible impact on American culture and music. The band, formed in 1968, comprises of English singer-songwriter Graham Nash; American singer-songwriter and guitarist David Crosby; singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Arthur Stills; and the group’s fourth occasional member Neil Young. All four artists have twice been welcomed into Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Together, they have released eight studio albums between 1969 and 1999, including Looking Forward, After the Storm, Live It Up, American Dream, Daylight Again, CSN, Déjà vu, and a self-titled debut album.

The band is known for creating a whole sub-genre of singers and songwriter in California that either gained recognition or had their career grow rapidly in its wake. Such artists include the likes of Laura Nyro, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, and Frank Zappa. The CSN released nineteen singles through their career, the most popular among which include No Tears Left, That Girl, Got It Made, Southern Cross, Wasted on the Way, Our House, War Games, Marakesh Express, and American Dream, among others. The group is back together on a North American tour and has created quite havoc with Crosby, Stills & Nash tickets.
Before the formation of Crosby, Stills & Nash, every member belonged to a prominent band; Crosby had been playing rhythm guitar, and written songs with folk-rock act The Byrds; Nash has been the guitarist and songwriter in The Hollies, which among the artists that came to be known as the ‘British Invasion’; while Stills had been a singer-songwriter and guitarist in Buffalo Springfield. The trio of already known musicians released their first album in May 1969 that became an instant hit, producing several Top 40 singles alongside which it received key airplay on FM radio. As soon as they released their album, they took to tour in late summer the same year, performing their first gig as the opening act for Joni Mitchell in Chicago’s Auditorium Theater.
Crosby, Stills & Nash have been performing live on regular basis for the last many years in 2012, even released a DVD called CSN 2012 after playing a tour across Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and the US. In 2006, they began the Freedom of Speech tour to promote Young’s new album Living with War. Their lengthy setlists consisted of material from their recent protest album, Still’s delayed solo record Man Alive! as well as material from Nash and Crosby. In May, that year, they were honored at the BMI Pop Awards as the BMI icons, and for their lasting and unique influence on a generation of musicians. In 2009, they released a new album called Demos, comprising of demo recordings and solo songs by the group. That year, they made an appearance at England’s Glastonbury Festival, where Still was noted for his distinguished guitar-playing techniques. The same year, they also headlined the fourteenth annual Gathering of Vibes Festival, during which they announced their return in 2010.
The group’s music has been reflected the viewpoints and taste of counterculture of the late sixties and early seventies, making their opinions clear on the Vietnam War,  Chicago’s trial of seven anti-war activists, death of students in Kent State University, among others. These perspectives have been reflected in their songs Chicago and Ohio. The latter release marked the boldest musical statements ever made about the Vietnam War, in which they have called out Richard Nixon and voiced the counterculture’s despair and rage. During the time of its release, the band could command a certain authenticity never experience by any acts before them, which can be proved by twenty-seven platinum certifications that they gathered with only seven albums. They have been consistently association with serious political causes all through their career, the latest example of which is their song Almost Gone, which lays emphasis on the conditions and length of Bradley Manning’s confinement before trial. This band is one that calls it as it is with unsurpassed authority and true artistic genius, and their live shows carry just the same bold, inspiring energy. Don’t miss your Crosby, Stills & Nash tickets.