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With a career spreading over five decades, Neil Diamond is one of the few songwriter-singer who has maintained a very loyal his fan base from the 60s up till now. Diamond has mastered several genres of music and has been appreciated equally for all of his experimental singing. The most well-received of the genres he worked on include country, folk, pop, rock and soft rock. He is known to be the world’s third most popular adult contemporary artist after John Elton and Barbara Streisand. Countless young performers have used his songs to achieved success in the musical careers all over the globe. In 2000, Diamond was given the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award which was followed by becoming an honoree at the Kennedy Center Honors almost a decade later.
He was made the part of Songwriter Hall of Fame (1984) and in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2011). Neil Diamond is known the most of his excessive touring routine even now when he is in his early 70s. His fans include individuals from various generations making his events always worthy to attend. Whenever he is performing, Neil Diamond tickets tend to sell out within days!

Neil Diamond has a total of 31 studio albums with several other live and compilation albums. The sensational musician has produced countless multi-times platinum and gold certification albums receiving various titles all over the globe. Some of his super-duper sensational hits include Love on the Roads, Song Sung Blue, America, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Yesterday’s Song, Desiree, Heartlight, and Crackling Rosie.
Starting off with a couple of unsuccessful songs initially, Neil Diamond gained popularity after signing with a recognized recording brand. He spent the early years of his life writing songs. His first ever successful song which gained public support and was written by him was “Sunday and Me”. He wrote the song for Jay and Americans which made its way up the Top 20 in Billboard charts.
Diamond’s first hit release as singer was titled “Solitary Man” (1966). Soon after, he also started touring carrying out tours and opening up for various Herman Hermit shows. Switching to another recording label in the 70s, Neil Diamond singed contract with MCA Records coming up with number one hits like “Song Sung Blue” and “Cracklin Rosie” on the Top 100 charts. With very short breaks, Diamond kept entertaining his audience with brand new material in collaboration with various other artists.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull was the first film to use one of Diamond’s songs. It did extremely bad on the box office with various artists, including Diamond ending up suing the producer. However, despite the various controversies attached to the film, it honored Diamond with a Golden Globe Award for best score in a film and also the Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture at the Grammy Awards.
His ever green song “Sweet Caroline” gained unmatched support once again in the 90s and thereafter when the Boston college football and basketball teams announced it as their anthem. Continuously moving up the success ladder, Diamond also gave a fantabulous appearance at the American Idol in 2008. He was selected to be the mentor of all contestants for two of their episodes where the contestants had to get into the musical battle singing his songs. He sung quite a few of his numbers live as well. With numerous single hits and unimaginable live concert performances, Diamonds 2008 promotional tour turned out to be even better than his last best tour in 1966.
His list of achievements continue to add to his career as he continues to give out live performances and making the audience sway in his charm even in his 70s. Here is your chance to grab Neil Diamond tickets right now before his shows are declared sold out. 

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