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Being a huge Neil Giraldo fan, concert lovers have longed for the day when a concert featuring Pat Benatar and Neil would come along. Finally it has. Together with Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo puts on a spectacular show. Especially, when Neil takes off his shirt revealing his white tank top and muscular arms, girls of all ages simply go crazy.  For the rock ‘n’ roll fans, it is a real treat to see the new arrangements and presentation of Pat’s classic songs that she and her husband, Neil Geraldo, have created.  

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Born in December 1955 in Ohio, Neil Giraldo is a notable musician, producer and songwriter who displayed interest in music from a very young age. He began to play guitar when he was only six years old and delivered his first public performance at a church when he was twelve. Neil began his first professional job by playing keyboard on Rick Derringer’s album, Guitars and Women. However, Neil left the job because he had to play the piano whereas he was interested in playing the guitar.
Neil packed his bags and moved to New York. Here, he met Jeff Aldridge from Chrysalis Records and producer Mike Chapman who formed a Benatar band consisting of Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar. Neil received an opportunity to work as the lead guitarist and musical arranger during the release of the band’s platinum certified debut album, In the Heat of the Night.  The album is an interesting rock ‘n’ roll love affair of Giraldo and Benata’s long standing partnership and comprises of some classic hit singles such as Heartbreaker and We Live For Love.  
Giraldo has written, produced and arranged more than a hundred songs for Benatar. He has got superb production skills under his belt and it is for this reason Pat's sound on a concert tour is much similar to her sound on the recording studio. Apart from this, he has also helped other artists such as Rick Springfield and Kenny Loggins create award winning songs. When they first began to write songs, the couple pulled inspiration from other people’s experiences. However, as time passed by, the songs had a more personal touch because most of them were based on their own experiences.
Neil Giraldo concert is possibly the best live event technically and musically you would have ever been to. After getting into marital ties in 1982, the duo released its rock ‘n’ roll Grammy-winning song, Love Is a Battlefield which is Giraldo’s most innovative production till date. During the 1980s, Giraldo and Benatar took over the radios, televisions, jukeboxes and car stereos mesmerizing fans all over the world. They have achieved tremendous commercial success by selling millions of copies of their twelve original albums worldwide.  
High energy and passion is what this concert has, so you cannot afford to miss it. The concert attendees wave their hands up in the air as soon as Neil Giraldo appears on the stage. They play all of their old hits and that is what all the older people are there for. Pat and Neil prove that they can stand alongside, work together and create magic to show the newcomers what their music is all about. So, if you have never attended Neil Giraldo concert before, you must go now because you will not return disappointed.  
The avid fans are willing to spend thousands of dollars on airfares, accommodation and Neil Giraldo tickets to catch the brilliant artist live in a concert. The acoustical arrangements and lighting effects are just spot on to make up for a perfect concert evening. The concert is definitely worth every dime, so you do not need to think twice before securing your Neil Giraldo tickets. Especially, if you are planning your next vacation to Toronto, Aspen or Littleton, you must stop to watch the live concert performance of Neil Giraldo.