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Rock music has evolved remarkably with time and now it has become the lifeline of millions of music lovers all over the world. Never Shout Never tickets would enable you to have a taste of what rock music is really like in the modern world.

Rock band having an American origin, Never Shout Never was formed in 2007 and initially was synonymous with only one person, Christopher Drew. Having incorporated many new members and transforming into a real musical group, Never Shout Never still has Drew as its prime member and a pivotal figure. Christopher Drew took up the name of Never Shout Never for his musical work in 2005, but it wasn't until 2007 that the band rose up in the rock music scene as a significant identity. Drew's work initially was only limited to his MySpace posts and freely downloadable music over the internet. Later, after creating the multi-member band Never Shout Never, he has released six EPs and three studio albums, all achieving commercial success.
The first EP was released by the band with the name of ‘The Yippee’ in July 2008. It was an instant success, and encouraged Drew to carry on with his musical career. By the next year or so, he started using NeverShoutNever as the new official alias for his work, instead of using the three words in the phrase separately. The band never gave any official clarification or explanation for the name change though. It was followed by extensive touring schedule, and the band worked with many other big names like The Honorary Title, The Scene Aesthetic, The Bigger Lights, The Cab, Forever the Sickest Kids, We the Kings and Mercy Mercedes. Another significant milestone that provided Never Shout Never with greatly positive response from the critics was their performance at The Bamboozle Roadshow 2009. The performance by Christopher Drew was appreciated by the critics who, at that time, commented as him being matured as a musician. Christopher Drew also appeared at The Bamboozle 2009 and The Bamboozle Left 2009.
It was the same year when the band released its next EP titled ‘The Summer’. Like its predecessor, the EP was a commercial hit, and established Christopher Drew as a star in the making. The success kept coming and manifested with the band signing a record label deal with a bigger company, Warner Bros. Records. Christopher Drew Ingle was also successful in getting a term in the agreement that enabled him to operate and release independently another label called Loveway Records.
By the year 2010 the band had worked enough to be able to release their debut album for which they chose the title of ‘What is Love?’. Butch Walker was the producer for the new album that turned out to be so successful that the band released their second full length studio album in the same year, with the title of ‘Harmony’.
After the release of Harmony, Never Shout Never again left for extensive touring promoting their new venture. There was also a social movement behind their tour for Harmony. They encouraged their fans to collect canned foods and store it for the people who are in need, and this feeding the hungry movement was what especially brought the band into the lime light. It was highly appreciated by the fans throughout the world and as a token of appreciation for their fans, the band released a freely downloadable split EP in collaboration with another band named ‘The Maine’.
Another important milestone for the band's humanitarian journey was achieved in 2011, when Joplin, Missouri was the victim of a disastrous tornado. The place was also the home town for the band, and their efforts for fund raising for the reconstruction and relief efforts for the city were commendable. It was towards the end of the same year when they released their next studio album titled ‘Time Travel’. The latest album of the band is due to be released this year, and is expected to be titled as Good Times. For your prized chance of having a sneak peek at some of the new songs from the upcoming album, as well as enjoying some of the greatest hits by the band, grab your Never Shout Never tickets quick before they are all sold out!

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