New York Comedy Festival Bill Maher Tickets

The New York Comedy Festival attracts the very best of comedians from all over the United States. But you probably already knew that! However, what you may not know is that America’s funniest and perhaps the most controversial and outspoken comedian, Bill Maher will be a participant on this year’s annual comedy show. The man, who has been nominated for the prestigious Emmy Awards on no less than 22 occasions, is a delight to watch in person. Surely, New York Comedy Festival Bill Maher is one event you would not want to miss out on if you are a true stand-up comedy fan or a budding stand-up comedian yourself!
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The Festival started in 2004 and has been organized ever since each year with the assistance of Caroline’s comedy club, the Huffington Post, and the Comedy Central channel. Its management has invited the most famous comedians from all over America. Comedians like Dane Cook, Mike Epps, Artie Lange, Tracy Morgan, Mike Birbiglia, Andy Samberg, Ricky Gervais and Bill Maher, have been part of this annual Festival in the past. While it invites the big names of stand-up comedy, it also serves as a launching platform for budding artists.

In order to encourage these new artists the Festival gives out one People’s Choice Awards to an amateur stand-up comedian each year, who then opens one of the events of the Festival. In addition, another award is given out to more seasoned standup comedians. This award is called the Andy Kaufman Award. Some of the winners of this prestigious award were: Blaine Kneece, Brent Weinbach, Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal and Suzanne Whang. Bill Maher may not have won this award (this year’s New York Comedy Festival Bill Maher may change it all), but he is certainly the best of the lot.

Described by Comedy Central channel as one of the best stand-up comedians of our times, Maher has given a whole new meaning to observational comedy, and news and political satire. A New Yorker, he famously hosted a television show called Politically Incorrect . It was a late-night talk show which discussed everything happening in the American society and in the rest of the world. He presently hosts Real Time with Bill Maher , which is aired on HBO. It is also a late-night talk show which is aired live on Friday nights.

Maher has always something to say about everything. He holds strong views on the role of mass media in the society, political correctness bothers him so does the red-tape. He further believes that politics and religion divide people. His criticism of religion and advocacy of secular and scientific values has earned him many fans as well as opponents. He is also a critic of big names of Wall Street, who he believes make millions of dollars at the expense of the people. He believes they are greedy, in short. Maher wants to see legalization of gay marriages in the United States. He would also like to see marijuana being legally used in the society. A vocal supporter of animal rights, Bill Maher also serves on the board of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Just like any other great stand-up comedian, Maher, too, has been influenced by the work of other comedians. He admits that he has been highly influenced by comedy greats like Lenny Bruce, Gore Vidal, Don Rickles, Robert Klein, David Frost, Johnny Carson, George Carlin and Steve Allen. It is not hard to trace shades of styles of these comedy legends in Maher’s style. But while he may have been influenced by these “comedy kings” his style remains unique and original. The New York Comedy Festival Bill Maher is the event where you could see this comedy king at his best!

You have seen Maher on television, but it is a whole new experience watching him live in person, doing what he does the very best; stand-up comedy and stirring up controversy. Due to his style and views on various issues, he is either loved or out rightly hated by the general public. Nevertheless, he remains the most watched and talked about standup comedian of all times. So watch this genius in person by buying the New York Comedy Festival Bill Maher tickets now!