New York Dolls Tickets

New York Doll Tickets are up for grabs. You now have the chance to catch the live performance by one of the most exotic bands of the 70s era. From its inception New York Dolls has been quite revolutionary, in both the fields, music as well as celebrity culture. It has always set its own standards. Many years later, the band still maintains its charm and still rocks on!

The band’s history is full of split ups and patch ups, and all sorts of highs and lows. Despite this volatility, New York Dolls have come together again to rock the stage. Watching them today doesn’t even hint that there was ever a crack in this band.

This punk rock pioneer band made its live debut in 1971. After that the initial performance platform for this band was merely the club appearances. The record companies however, were quite wary of these crude-cross dressers. New York Dolls kept their journey on, with their own songs and own dressing to go with them, both equally unprecedented and revolutionary in the world of music.

When the rock band moved out of New York in 1972, they faced an audience and a music industry that was just not ready to accept their music beats, image and the kind of culture that they promoted. This led the group on the road to self-destruct and it seemed as if the band will be lost into oblivion forever. However, even when the band fell into a low profile, the trend that they set and the culture that they promoted started taking roots. Several other rock bands started following on the same path and the punk rock culture started to flourish. During the time the band itself remained in the clutches of misfortune.


Keeping their ability to surprise, the band re-emerged in 2004. But this time they were not the deviants but deities of rock music. Those members, who were still alive, were hailed as the pioneers and trailblazers of modern day music, and those perished were labeled the martyrs of punk rock. Punk rock is as much an advertizing brand today, as it is a music genre. This time the New York Dolls had nothing to prove, but only to reinforce what they already invented. Their first gig, in almost 30 years swept the audience off their feet.

In 2006 they released their album ‘One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This’, which was a great hit, marking the journey of the band towards success again. The title itself projected the intricate journey that band had been through since its formation. Needless to say, the fans loved it.

The New York Dolls have never worked by way of plans. In 1971, when the band was formed it was a bunch of teenagers with dreams and confidence. They were like explorers without any map, wandering into unknown territories searching for dreams that were not promised to them.


The years haven’t taken away a drop of charm from the band. The band shines on stage, with all their signature styles intact, basking in the realization of fulfillment of their life-long dream. Hurry and buy your New York Dolls Tickets today. If you miss this legendary band’s live performance, you will miss more than just a few exotic hours of music.