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For those who wish to know, the event that will be held will present the legendary artist and musician, Enzo Ghinazzi, more popularly known as Pupo. Born in the year 1955, his stage name Pupo, means little baby in English. Apart from being a popular singer, Pupo has also made his name as a lyricist in the mainstream music industry. Born in a small town located in the province of Arezzo, named Ponticino, Pupo’s career initially started off in the year 1975 when he started composing his own songs. Some of his earliest hits include Ciao, Su Di Noi, Gelato al cioccolato and Firenze Santa Maria Novella. His works have gained so much popularity over the years that his songs have been translated and sung in various languages by artists from all over the world.

If this wasn’t enough Pupo has been invited by the RAI- Radiotelevisione Italiana S.P.A. production house to host several television shows. Some of these shows include Affari Tuoi, a show quite similar to America’s Deal or No Deal and Chi fermera la musica, which is a singing talent contest. Pupo has released a total of sixteen studio albums, some of which include Gelato ai ciccolato that was released in the year 1979, Lo devo solo a te that came out in the year 1981, Malattia d’amore released in 1984, All the Best heard in the year 1994, Pupo Tornero released in 1998 and the most recent album L’equilibrista that came forth in the year 2004. Apart from these albums Pupo came forward with several singles that were able to make it to the Switzerland Singles Chart. A few of these tracks include Forse that was released in 1979 and was ranked on the second spot of the Switzerland Singles Chart, Lo devo solo a te, released in 1981, charting on the sixth place of Switzerland Singles Chart and lastly, Nashville, that was heard also in 1981, making it to the ninth spot of the same chart. Winning several Gondola d’Oro Awards, Pupo has been able to produce eleven tracks that went gold according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

If you with to listen to some of the most famous tracks by this artist then be sure to make your way to the Night of Italian Stars Pupo show where this entertainer will perform. The show is scheduled to be held at the great Tropicana Casino and Resort located in Atlantic City. The location where the concert will take place is a casino cum luxury hotel and spa built at the glamorous Boardwalk and Brighton Avenue. Inaugurated in the year 1981, this hotel has an old Havana theme to it and is one of the largest luxury resorts throughout the American state of New Jersey. Providing over three thousand slot machines, two thousand of the most fabulous rooms and a shopping mall complex called “The Quarter”, the hotel is constructed over one hundred and fifty thousand square feet of ground. Other facilities guests can make use of at the hotel include a gaming area known as the “Diamond Club”, fine dining and casual dining spaces, salons and spas, nightclubs and an entertainment showroom. The entertainment showroom is the area where the Night of Italian Stars event will take place and it is a two thousand seater room that has held several headlining shows and events over the years.

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