Night Of Italian Stars Tickets

Make your way to an upcoming show that goes by the name Night of Italian Stars where two of the most popular Italian entertainers, Pupo and Toto Cutugno will perform. Remember to get your hands on Night of Italian Stars tickets as soon as possible, if you are interested in attending the show.

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For those who wish to know the first artist who will be performing is Salvatore Cutugno, more popularly known as Toto Cutugno. Cutugno is a popular musician, singer and songwriter, known to sing pop songs. Born back in the year 1943, Cutugno entered the music scene in the year 1970 and has been active ever since. His most popular song that became a worldwide hit was called “L`Italiano” that was released on his successful CD called “I Grandi Successi”. Cutugno has released a whopping amount of eighteen studio albums, releasing the debut album named “Albatross” in the year 1976 and the most recent one “I Miei Sanremo” that came out in the year 2010.

Born in a small village named Fosdinovo, located in the beautiful city of Tuscany, Cutugno grew up in La Spezia, after this family moved there. Before initiating his solo career as a singer and songwriter, Cutugno initially entered the music scene as a drummer and then moved onto composing songs for Joe Dassin, the American-French artist. Cutugno was responsible for providing Dassin with some of his most popular hits such as “Africa”, “Laissez moi danser”, “Le du Luxemburg” and “Et si tu n’existais pas. All of these tracks went platinum and made Dassin, the star that he is. After spending several years establishing his name as a songwriter, Cutugno then decided to showcase his singing talent by taking part in the Sanremo Music Festival that took place in the year 1976. He performed at the festival along with his band called Albatross and performed the song, Volo 504. This song was able to win the band the third spot in the festival. He was again seen taking part in the music festival a total of thirteen times, winning six titles. The very first title that he won was in the year 1980 when he performed his song “Solo noi”. He then went onto winning in the year 1984, 1987, 1988, and 1990 and lastly in 2005. Songs that won him the top spot include Serenata, Figli, Emozioni, Le mamme, Gli amori and Come noi nessuno al mondo that he sung for the years respectively. If you are a fan of the artist and wish to see him perform live, then you can do so at the upcoming Night of Italian Stars show.

The second artist, audiences can look forward to seeing perform is Enzo Ghinazzi, more popularly known as Pupo. Pupo is an Italian lyricist and singer who entered the mainstream music industry back in 1975. Born in the year 1955 in a town called Ponticino, he started writing songs since he was a teenager and went on to releasing a total of sixteen studio albums, his most recent one heard in the year 2004. Some of the artists’ most popular songs include Su di noi, Gelato al cicoccolato, Firenze Santa Maria Novella and Ciao, amongst numerous others. Pupo has been able to produce eleven tracks that have achieved gold certification from the RIAA. Apart from singing, the artist has been seen presenting and hosting several television programs such as Affari Tuoi, Deal or No Deal’s Italian version and Singing Bee produced by the RAI production.

If you wish to listen to songs from his most successful albums such as Come sei bella, Un amore grande, Change generation, Dove sarai domani and La notte, then all you need to do is become a part of the Night of Italian Stars show that is coming your way. Be sure to purchase Night of Italian Stars tickets today.