Nye Black Comedy Explosion Tickets

NYE Black Comedy Explosion is a comedy show that features a number of famous comedians belonging to “Def Jam,” “Comedy Central” and “Bet Comic View.” This year on New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy an evening with your favorite comedy stars at Black Comedy Explosion show and welcome the New Year with laughter. Run by the comedian Jonathon Gates, the show primarily aims at promoting aspiring comedians who do not have enough resources to make it to the big shows, giving them a chance to show their talent to the audience.

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Black Comedy Explosion’s Jonathon Gates has been in the field of comedy for about two decades. He has been on Bet Comic View and has toured with DEF Comedy Jam. His general humor is often referred to as a mixture of Cedric the Entertainer, Redd Fox and Richard Pryor. Gates aims at helping comedians who cannot make it to big screen and those who cannot afford; hence, basically he is a promoter in the field.

Black Comedy Explosion has featured a number of comedians in its past shows, and continues to do so. Despite the name, not all of the comedians are black. As Gates says himself, “funny is funny” and has nothing to do with color, and the name “black comedy explosion” comes from the fact that comedy comes right from the depth of soul, which is a “dark” and mysterious place. The show is usually hosted by Gates himself, along with Chico Will. In the past, the show has featured artists such as Charles Walden, Marlon Randolph and Rashaun Reese.

Charles Walden is a highly inspirational young comedian. He has been a comedian for almost a decade. His comedy has been taken to BET Comic View. He has also been featured on Def Comedy Jam’s All Star Season. He performs comedy routines in a number of clubs and shows. Rashaun Reese is also considered as one of the most refreshing comedians of the day and spreads a light feel across the area with his soft comedy.

Black Comedy Explosion is going to feature a number of talented comedians in its special New Year’s Eve show. Two top names include Lavell Crawford and Corey Holcomb. Lavell Crawford is an actor and standup comedian belonging to St. Louis, Missouri. Crawford started off his comedy career by starting performing at a club located in Belleville, Illinois. He was host of an open mic event. Getting impressed by his talents, the owner of the club paid him a sum of $250.

Crawford made his initial appearances at BET’s Comicview and Def Comedy Jam. Apart from standup live shows; Crawford has made several appearances on television shows such as Comics Unleashed, Premium Blend, Showtime at Apollo, The Jamie Fox Show and Last Comic Standing. He recently appeared in Workaholic of Comedy Central. In famous television series “Breaking Bad,” he appeared in one of the episodes as bodyguard of Saul Goodman.

Corey Holcomb is a radio host, standup comedian and actor belonging to Chicago, Illinois. Initially, Holcomb was introduced to the world of comedy through the famous Chicago area comedian Godfrey C. Danchimah. He often calls himself “ghetto Phill.” Majority of his jokes revolve around the relationships that have seriously gone bad. Holcomb has toured all across the United States and has performed standup routines in almost all states. Apart from that, he has made television appearances on shows such as Def Comedy Jam, Come View, Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘n Out and Last Comic Standing. He has been a part of three personal comedy shows named Your Way Ain’t Working, Comedy Central Presents Corey Holcomb and The Problem Is You.

This time around, these two comedians along with a number of others are going to fill your evening will laughter at The Fabulous Fox Theatre. In order to be a part of the show, grab the NYE Black Comedy Explosion tickets!