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The Reykjavik, Iceland based band rose to fame after winning on a competition called The Icelandic Music Experiments: Musiktilraunir. This competition, somewhat similar to a “battle of the bands” competition, included bands from all over Iceland, and featured a wide variety of musical styles ranging from traditional to modern contemporary to heavy metal. Since 1982, this competition has acted as a venue for young bands, and has helped exceptional musicians reach the very top of the music industry. Of Monsters and Men rose to global stardom as they won this competition. To fans around the world, the band represented something more than a musical group – it represented a fairly reminiscent group of friends, who got together on weekends and holidays, to practice music in a garage. The members didn’t have extensive musical training, yet their talent shone through all the way from Iceland, and spread across the world. The group has, since then, moved to New York, and is now recording their first album, “My Head is an Animal”.  With the new album all set for release, the group is preparing day and night for an upcoming tour that includes a number of live performances. Of Monsters and Men tickets are now on sale here, and if you want to catch this promising band in action, get your tickets today!

Of Monsters and Men includes Ragnar þorhallsson and Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir for the vocals and acoustic guitars, and Arni Guðjonsson on keys. Arnar Rosenkranz Hilmarsson plays the drums with Kristjan Pall Kristjansson on bass and Brynjar Leifsson playing an electric guitar. Between them the members have widely varying tastes in music, and the combination of various musical styles is, perhaps, what makes this band so special. In fact, the group has described itself as “day dreamers who craft folkie pop songs”. The group’s songs are based on stories on Iceland and have a strong representation of the country’s culture. Their hits include "Dirty Paws”, “King and Lionheart”, “Mountain Song”, “Slow and Steady”, “From Finner”, Six Weeks”, “Love Love Love”, “Yellow Light” and “Your Bones”. The band’s recently released single “Into The Woods” was received very well in the United States, topping the Billboard charts and coming in high on the iTunes charts as well.  Another hit, “Little Talks” has recently begun playing on radio, and has already dominated the airwaves, with fans from all over the country requesting for just one more repeat. The group’s musical styling has already captivated fans around the country, and their upcoming live performance is guaranteed to be something extraordinary. Make sure you don’t miss out on this great chance to catch an upcoming band perform in all its glory – get your Of Monsters and Men tickets today!

As Of Monsters and Men prepares to kick off their first tour, organizers in many cities are already switching venues to larger places to cater for the ever increasing number of fans. Just two of the group’s tracks have won over enough fans to warrant a change of venues – that speaks volumes about the groups rising popularity and guarantees the upcoming performances will be filled with an air of excitement that is rarely seen at concerts today. Excited fans all over the country are already buying as many Of Monsters and Men tickets as they can get their hands on. The unique fusion of jazz, classical and pop music that the band is known for producing is guaranteed to have you hooked and coming back for more.

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