Owl City Tickets

While the pros and cons of the increasing popularity of social networking sites are still under debate, there are many talented people who will not be complaining as they owe their success to these websites. Like many other talented artists, Adam Young was discovered by Universal Republic via social media and led to mainstream popularity, of Owl City.

Adam Young was composing music using online software in the basement of his parents’ house. He used to upload it on social networking sites and got a very good response from friends and friends-of-friends. Ultimately, thanks to the viral phenomenon his music reached Universal Records who signed him on immediately. His first manager was Steve Bursky, who started working with Adam in 2008.
Initially Owl City released two singles in 2008, which gained huge main stream success and was very popular amongst music lovers. Then later in 2009, Owl City released their debut album, Ocean Eyes. Even though the album debuted at the Billboard 200 on number 27, one song from the album, Fireflies, was number 1 at both the US. and the Canadian charts. This song was reported to be a quadruple-platinum hit which led to the album being certified as Platinum.
After Ocean Eyes, Owl City release many singles and 2 more albums which were very popular amongst music lover. Their song Sunburn was featured in the 90210 Soundtrack, and another song The Technicolor Phase, was featured in Tim Burtons, Alice in Wonderland. Other than movies and TV shows, Owl City also managed to get their single “When can I see you again?” in Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph.
Although Owl City is Young’s solo project, and he composes, sings, produces and records his songs on his own, he has team up with a few members for live performances and tours. There is Jasper Nephew on the guitar, Daniel Jorgenson on bass, Breanne Duren on the keyboard and Steve Gold on drums. Get your Owl City tickets to see them perform live at their next performance.
Owl City has toured all over the country and has performed in front of many large audiences. They have also toured with Brooke Waggoner, John Mayer, Lights, The Scene Aesthetic and Maroon 5. Their concerts are always jam packed and the venues are always sold-out for the event. So in order to make sure that you attend their next live performance you will need to work fast and get your Owl City tickets before they run out.
Influenced by the disco music along with European electronic music, their music lies under the generic electronic music genre. He is a very vocal Christian and his faith also has an influence on his music. The music critics compare his music to The Postal Service’s music and some even say that his music is a continuation of theirs. Owl City’s music is also inspired from instrumental genres such as post-rock, ambient and drone. Young has declared Thomas Newman and Jonathon Ford as two people who have inspired him the most when it comes to music.
Owl City’s performances are always electrifying and the energy levels of their audience always run high. There is not a single dull moment in their concert, and every song brings a new wave of excitement with itself. They have released many hit singles which remain at the top of the charts for many weeks. Their music has gained a lot of popularity across the ocean as well, and Owl City has enjoyed a lot of success in Europe. Their hit single Fireflies has been report to be the 20th song in UK, of all time, to be downloaded the most times.
Owl City has done many tours both with the US. and internationally. It may have started out as a young boy with a laptop, but it has come a long way and Owl City is now one of the famous international bands. If it wasn’t for the rise in viral videos, Adam Young would’ve remained undiscovered. So kudos to the internet, as Owl City has given us some great music.
Nothing beats the experience of attending a live concert of this band. Tour schedules and Owl City tickets are available online, so now you can check when they are performing in a place near you and let them dazzle you with a great song after another at their live performance. Every second of that concert will be worth your time, effort and money.