Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo Tickets

Nothing can be more exciting than a live music concert where talents of two popular musicians combine together. The legendary pop rock vocalist Pat Benatar is set to rock the stage with her gifted husband guitarist in different cities throughout the country. Pat Benatar, known for her magical vocals and powerful vibe, joins hands with her long-time collaborator and husband Neil Giraldo during her latest round to various destinations around the state. Catch these talented musicians perform live in your city by getting Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo tickets that are already up for grabs.


With a music career of around four decades and more than thirty albums to her credit, Pat is credited among the pioneers of modern pop and rock. She has charmed the music lovers with her unique and bold appeal, unmatched musicianship and diva-ness. Her music has allured millions of listeners and won her critical and commercial claim. She became one of the most frequently played artists on the music channel, MTV during the 80s.


Benatar’s love for music grew during her teenage years. She developed her range for the musicals as well as cabaret and performed in numerous gigs and local shows. Due to her vibrant stage appeal and amazing voice, she soon became a prominent performer in the cabaret circles which brought her to the grand ‘Catch a Rising Star’ club. She instantly got noticed by the owner of the club due to her impressive and powerful vocals and was offered a regular slot in the club. It was then that Pat collaborated with the guitarist/composer Neil Giraldo who, with his unique musicianship and artistic sense, gave a direction to Benetar’s talent. 


Benetar’s professional music career started when she was signed up by the Chrysalis Records. She released her first album “In the Heat of the Night” in 1979. The combined visions of Benetar and Giraldo turned the album into a wide success with its smashing hit singles “Heartbreaker” and “We Live for Love”..It wasn’t long after that the album was certified Platinum and sold thousands of copies in the US.


In 1981, came another grand success titled “Crimes of Passion”. The album produced Benetar’s signature single “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” that cracked the US top ten chart and sold millions of records in the country. The album consecutively remained at number two on the US charts, was certified Platinum and eventually also won Benetar her first Grammy for ‘Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.’ This ground-breaking success made Benetar one of the most famous celebrities of the time and her style became an inspiration for many upcoming musicians.

The following year brought another magnificent addition in the glorious music repertoire of the artist in the form of “Precious Time”. The LP topped the US charts of top 200 LP and generated yet another classic hit “Fire and Ice.” Soon the album became Benater’s third non-stop Platinum record and won her another Grammy in 1981. This type of unprecedented success listed her among the most influential female artists of the time and established her as a true diva.


Other massive hits like “Get Nervous”, “Live from Earth” and “Tropico” came in the years of 1982, 1983 and 1984 respectively. All these albums got either Platinum or Gold certification from the RIAA and produced the hits like “Shadows of the Night” and “Love is a Battlefield.” These albums also won Benetar another two Grammys and she became one of the very first artists to win four Grammys in a row. She continued making music, producing hits and selling millions of records in the following years.


The touring history of the Benetar and Giraldo flourished as years passed and her music matured. Benetar has successfully headlined around twenty five tours and performed before huge crowds. The current year marks another addition in her touring history and brings the charismatic couple on the road where they make stops in various cities. Here is your chance to groove to their greatest hits. All you have to do is get the Pat Benatar Neil Giraldo tickets booked.