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Paul McCartney, whose full name is Sir James Paul McCartney is, as the Guinness World Records states, the Most Successful Musician and Composer in the history of music as well as the Most Commercially Successful Songwriter in the history of music. He has had sixty gold discs to his name and sold one-hundred million singles in the UK only with millions more in the US and other countries. His career in the world of music began with the band that changed the history of music, the Beatles, but he rose even more after the Beatles with other bands, projects and work as a songwriter and composer. This is the legendary Paul McCartney, an icon in the world of music, the very best there is in today’s world. And he performs live at venues all over the world giving you a chance to catch him live for a once in a lifetime opportunity through Paul McCartney tickets.

Paul McCartney was a member of the Beatles back in their time along with John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. Paul McCartney went on to write some of the most popular songs in rock music becoming the greatest songwriter in the history of music. After the Beatles, he went on to launch the band, Wings, with Linda Eastman and Denny Laine. This band became a hit in native UK and also outside of the UK breaking many records and selling millions. He has been voted as the Greatest Composer of the Millennium by BBC News whereas the song by the Beatles, Yesterday , which Paul McCartney wrote is the Most Covered Song in the history of music; it has been covered by over two-thousand artists and been played a record seven million times on American radio and TV since its release in the 60s.

The band Wings, Paul McCartney second group after the Beatles, released the single Mull of Kintyre which went on to be the first single in the UK to have sold in excess of two million copies. This was back in 1977 but this single is still the UK’s Top Selling Non-charity Single. His songs have spent a record ninety-three weeks on top of the UK Charts and he has had a record twenty four singles to his name, bagging him yet another award of being the Most Successful Songwriter in Singles history. Numerous awards, millions of sales and many records make Paul McCartney the greatest name in the world of music and no one can loose a chance to watch and listen to him play live through Paul McCartney tickets.

In the US, Paul McCartney has also made history. He has to his credit, thirty-one singles which have ranked first on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the US and he has sold around fifteen and a half million albums in the US, as certified by the RIAA. Not only has he made music as albums or singles, he has also been behind many soundtracks to movies, released a lot of classical music and even released electronic music. He also has a very successful solo career and despite all this success, fame and riches, he still remains one of the best philanthropists. He is regularly involved in many charities that help raise funds for the needy. Paul McCartney fights for the rights of animals, on being a vegetarian, on music education and regularly campaigns against the use of landmines, the hunting of seals and is particularly involved in the issues that is Third World debt.

Like any other person, Paul McCartney is also a fan of football and he supports both Everton and Liverpool within the English Premier League. He founded and runs his own company, MPL, which owns more than three-thousand songs such as those written by Buddy Holly and also owns a number of musicals; such as the hit musical, Grease.

This sensational artists, a legend amongst legends is truly an icon in the world of music. He has released a lot of music, won countless awards and has become one of the wealthiest UK citizens; despite this he is a human being at heart and fights for many causes on behalf of those who cant. A legend who fights for the rights of both people and animals is definitely someone you need to go watch live, now, through Paul McCartney tickets.

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