Pop The Dream Tickets

Pop the Dream is an electronic music festival that invites DJs and artists of the genre to perform in San Francisco, California and in a rave like set up. As mainly an evening event that goes on well into midnight the festival has been divided into three tiers, depending on the entrant’s tickets and what show they wish to be a part of. Pop the Dream tickets will be available for the Main Floor, and will move on into the Upper Level and Lower Level. This new system has been especially designed to ensure safety as the popularity of the event grows and attracts more and more attendees each year.

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At the Pop the Dream Tour, the production and audiences will not only be celebrating electronic music, they will be playing trance, dubstep and other new genres of the kind, specifically dream pop, the show’s namesake. Dream Pop has been described to follow the “dream theme”, where languid vocals, mixed with delayed synthesis are used which created an otherworldly effect.  The show has invited a number of different artists to exemplify this genre.

Headlining the show is Steve Angello, who is a Greece born Swedish DJ, as well as a record producer who owns his own label. He performs with the “Swedish House Mafia”, a group that plays house music. He is no stranger to trance music; in fact, he is considered one of the modern innovators of the genre and is often referred as a textbook artist for electronic music. Because his style is a little unorthodox, he has been the centre of criticism from his listeners as well as critics. The main critique for his previous album was the fact that the main track was an already existent tune, and all he added was a percussion line. He has also been the subject of controversy when, during a live event, he played a pre-recorded track and simply stimulated mixing, sometimes not being at his station at all. Still, it cannot be denied that he has a true talent for house music that will fit in perfectly at the Pop the Dream Tour.

Markus Schulz will also be performing at the show. He is a German DJ and record producer who specializes in trance. He hosts a radio show in Miami, Florida which also syndicated onto online radio stations. He also has his own recording company which pays special attention to rising stars, particularly of the trance genre.

Schulz is known for his extensive touring all around the world. It is because of this travelling that he has picked on a number of different styles to incorporate into his mixes and produce something that people everywhere can enjoy. He has played at every popular festival in the US and in Europe: the “Monster Massive”, the “Nature One”, the “Trance Energy”, and the “Ultra Music Festival” are just examples of festivals that he frequents at. As a largely festival performer, he is the ideal addition to the Pop the Dream tour.

Gareth Emery has also been announced as part of the lineup. He is the British electronic music DJ and record producer. He has set a record for maintaining his place amongst the top 10 DJs for many years on a stretch, his highest rank being at number 7. He specializes in electronic dance music, and has released a number of records and mixes in this genre. He has been known to amalgamate trance and house music into his tracks as well to create a deeper and more detailed sound. Often, his mixes have stood by the basics, but have been well appreciated for their simplicity. Although he would be joining the ranks of electronic and trance DJs, he refuses to be categorized as such, stating that he simply plays good music, no matter what genre they come from. He started out by remixing existing songs, most notably “Nervous Breakdown” by “The Shrink”, and progressed onto creating his own mixes. He has performed countless times at the “Mardi Gras Festival”, and continues to visit other events of that nature as well.

Finally, dubstep DJ and producer Rusko will also be part of the show. The British musician has recently become one of the most well known faces in the rave scene. The current rise of dubstep in the mainstream has also made him a star. He will be joining many other singers and musicians who will be performing throughout the three tiers of the show.