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Has it been some time that you heard some great English music? Well now is your chance to do so and experience something really beautiful and mind blowing. It is time for some great entertainment that will be unheard and unseen. Yes! It is the very live performance by Portishead who wish to thrill and entertain their audience to an extent that they have never experienced before. So get ready and get going, it is your time to enjoy this great concerts and to do so, you just have to do a simple task. Get the best deals available from us for Portishead tickets and create that memorable evening for yourself. Portishead has always given the best to their audience and this time too, they will be giving something out of this world.
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Portishead was formed in 1991 and based its name on the nearby town by the similar name. The band basically consists of four members like Geoff Barrow, Adrian Utley, Beth Gibbons and Dave Mc Donald . Their first two albums were a great hit and they developed a large fan following immediately. The release of Dummy , their first album was given a huge coverage on the press. This album churned three great singles like Numb, Sour Times and Glory Box . The hits were so highly acclaimed that the album bagged the Mercury Prize in 1995. They even gained positions on various charts and their hits created a ripple in the music industry. The fame went on so much so that they feature their single in their own film titled as To Kill a Dead Man.

Their second album Portishead was released in 1997 and it became very popular amongst a varied audience of the U.K. This album was categorized as being harsher than the previous album. The album spawned three major hits which charted some top positions on the billboards. After this album, the band has managed to release three more albums, of which the prominent of all albums has remained the album Third. This album has gained many accolades the day it was released. Portishead promoted this album by doing many tours across the country and took this release to New York as well. The band also participated and featured many hits on All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead, England.

After their third album, Third, the band came back to life and made the world all happening and rocking for themselves. The album really did wonders and its live performances were something to be worth remembered every time it was performed. If you want to rock with some real English music, then it is really your time to enjoy a great evening with the one and only Portishead. Their work is no wonder different and their songs are sweet and melodious. You will actually feel the rhythm and the quality and the great beats each time you get to witness their live performance. They have given quality work whenever they manage to do so, and they don’t ever compromise on quality of their work because Portishead really knows the requirement of its fans all the time along.

So go ahead and get going, it is really your time to enjoy this great English band that are famous in giving sensational numbers, whenever they can manage to do so. They usually plan their tours for appearance in a number of countries. The last time Portishead released their album was in 2008 and ever since then they haven’t released any album but they tour different countries and entertain the audience live from all the great collection of work that they have. Every year, you will get to see Portishead plan their tours for different parts of the world. They want to diversify, give quality and let their audience know about their great existence.

This is your time to gear up and witness a live performance by Portishead. Don’t miss the chance and get yourself into going and getting the best out of this band. You might have heard them a long time before in their live performance, but now you will be able to see them again. So book your Portishead tickets now only with us as we give you some of the best deals ever. This time you shall rock with the greatness of English music and enjoy a different taste of acoustics and drums all meant to take you to another world. So be prepared every one!

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