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The history of Rock and Roll Music praises him for transfixing the world of pop music for more than 20 years, his charismatic performances and brilliant music has earned him universal admiration from the musicians; the artist of eighties, Prince, does not need any further introduction. His exceptional music covers a broad spectrum of styles ranging from new wave to funk and to R&B. He has the honor of being placed among the legends Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen , three rock stars who ruled the era of eighties, soon after he joined in the music industry.
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With his father having a jazz band of his own, Prince had music in his blood. Taking it up professionally was his father’s dream and having all the potential, he decided to live up to it. Mimicking television themes on his father’s piano was a start for the artist. During his teenage, he moved to live with his friend and practiced playing music. Keyboard wasn’t just the only instrument he was adept at playing. Through a process of self learning his area of expertise expanded and he learned to play a number of instruments including bass guitar, drums, saxophone and harmonica. By the age of 18 he had recorded a number of demos and just a year later he signed an amazing deal with Warner Bros Company for releasing three albums along with the ownership of publishing rights. The deal did not only promise to support his album launches but also gave him the freedom as a songwriter, producer as well as a composer. His incredible efforts and hard work made him the youngest successful producer in Warner’s history.

This was his first step on the ladder of success. His phenomenal music made it easy for him to excel with full confidence. His first album ‘ For You’, featuring hit singles like ‘ I Wanna Be Your Lover’, was an instant hit and landed the artist an appearance on American Bandstand. Prince has released up to 37 albums so far, highlighting the pop rock genre with his remarkable melodies in every era. His albums Purple Rain, Controversy and Parade among others made record breaking business worldwide. The selling record of these albums crossed millions of copies in numbers. Not only got this, ‘Purple Rain’ got ranked by the Rolling Stone Magazine as 28 th , among the 500 greatest albums of all time. His hit singles such as ‘Kiss’, ‘Around the world in a day’, ‘Let’s go crazy’ and many more of the sort confirmed his presence on the US Top Singles Chart.

Prince for his music takes the inspiration from the renowned legends such as ‘Beatles’, ‘Miles Davis’, and ‘Carlos Santana’ among other talented musicians of the industry. He is distinguished for ‘Minneapolis Sound’ of music that is a blend of rock, funk, pop, new wave and R&B.

His list of credentials is highlighted with a Golden Globe and an Academy Award and seven Grammy Awards. Not only this, he has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the incredible contributions to the genre of rock music.

His live performances feature live playing of 27 instruments altogether. The sound generated by the blend of different music genres along with the magnetic vocals of the artist attracts great number of spectators to his concerts. His varying style of music makes his charisma undiminished to date. Prince is performing live at a concert with all his hit singles produced over a period of two decades! So guys it’s time to enjoy the music of different eras, all in one show! The artist is coming to your town soon! Are you excited for the show? Prince Tickets are available on our website! Check the artist’s tour schedule and order them as soon as possible!

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