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A band that is founded and operated by only one person i.e. Mayard James Keenan , Puscifer has a history that started in 1995. Keenan is also a part of other bands like A Perfect Circle and Tool . He formed Puscifer as a side project that later on became, according to himself, his creative subconscious. It is also said that Puscifer is only another name for Keenan’s solo work.
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Keenan decided to form Puscifer when he was thinking on an idea to create a hardcore rock band that would be different, and only one of its kind. Initially, the name of the project he had in mind was Umlaut , and during the very first days of the band it was the name he called it with, but soon afterwards it was changed to Puscifer. The new name was taken from a fictional band in television series named Mr. Show , where Adam Jones and Keenan acted as the two members of the band. In reality, James Keenan is the only member of the band while Adam Jones is associated with the band only as an artwork support, and does not participate in singing actively.

According to Keenan, Puscifer allows him to express his emotions and feelings in a musical way. He says he can create music at Puscifer only by listening to the thoughts he has inside his head, and after letting his Id, Ego and Anima interact with each other. The purpose of Puscifer’s music is expression of deep thoughts that influence the singer, and the result is quality hardcore music. Among the genres in which Puscifer’s music is created are included comedy rock, Ambient, Experimental, Trip Hop and Post Industrial music.

Apart from music, Puscifer has also been a brand that produces clothing line with its name. Among some of the significant and popular items produced by Puscifer are included shirts and leather jackets, as well as limited edition collectible items. The band does not produce these items in large numbers, so the demand is generally very high as compared to the very limited supply. The articles are sold over the internet at an online store by the band as well as at a small store that is built above a small tattoo parlor.

Among significant releases by the band are included its first album named V is for Vagina that came out in 2007. The album gained great popularity and reached number 25 at the Billboard 200 Charts , while Billboard Indie Charts featured the album at number one position. A total of about 112,000 copies of this album were sold, and its popularity was also increased after the youtube channel by Puscifer promoted it over the internet.

The next year i.e. 2008, Puscifer released its remix album title V is for Viagra . The famous video game named Need for Speed: Undercover also featured two of the tracks from that album, including Momma Sed (Tandamonium Mix) and Indigo Children (JLE Dub Mix). The album was a success, but not as big as its predecessor, and succeeded in selling about 23,000 copies.

Puscifer released its next album in 2009 with the title of C is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here). The album contained many of the new songs by Keenan as well as two unreleased songs from his previous work. About two years later in 2011 he released another album titled Conditions of my Parole that reached number 27 on Billboard Charts soon after its release. The album sold about 12,111 copies during its first week, a fact that signifies its potentially successful future.

Puscifer has been one of the most talented bands in genre, and has gained great popularity for this reason. The ever increasing attendance on its live shows is a proof for this. Puscifer Tickets promise all music lovers a chance to witness some of the greatest music from hardcore genre that they would definitely enjoy!

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