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Since the success of their1988 album, Operation: Mindcrime, the music band Queensryche is considered to be a pioneer of heavy metal.
The progressive metal band was formed in the year 1981. Two years later, the band managed to release a self-titled Extended Play. Even though they moved towards a more progressive sound later on with albums such as The Warning, the initial feel of the music was more of an Iron Maiden/Judas Priest hybrid. The main focus in Queensryche’s 1986 album Rage for Order was the keyboards. This album was also a bit lighter than the debut.

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While fans feared the glam metal outfits and a new sound in Rage of Order, their concerns were curbed when the 1988 Operation: Mindcrime came out. Queensryche’s third album earned great points for the band’s music career with hits such as I Don’t Believe You and Eyes of a Stranger. These numbers were constant plays on MTV and this made fans love it even more.
If this wasn’t enough, the 1990 release called Empire got the band some headlining acts in their tours and this is what made them popular like never before.  Fans went crazy for Queensryche tickets to listen to famous hits from the album. Some of these numbers includes Jet City Woman, Silent Lucidity and Another Rainy Night (Without You). 
The band kept touring, made live appearances on television shows and earned accolades such as the Viewer’s Choice Award by MTV Video Awards in 1991. The very same year, Queensryche released another album called Operation: Livecrime. This was an audio visual representation of heir, which is now the legendary rock opera.
Queensryche was also nominated for a Grammy award in 1992. The band even performed at these Grammys, held in New York City. In 1994 they released the album Promised Land. This record had a more dark side to the lyrics, expressions and overall mood. Promised Land went Platinum with hits such as I am I, Dis con nec ted and Bridge.  The album also managed to get itself a spot on the Billboard chart. The band was also the first to release a video game. This 1995 release was called Promised Land - An Interactive Adventure.
In 1997, Queensryche released another album. This was called Hear it Now Frontier. The following year, the co-founding member, Chris DeGarmo revealed his departure from Queensryche. Several months passed by until a replacement was chosen. Eventually, Queensryche producer and old friend Kelly Gray took the position. With Kelly Gray adding a new feel to the band, interesting songs were released such as Liquid Sky, When the Rain Comes and Sacred Ground.
Fans loved the band’s Q2K tour and this led to the sale of a large number of Queensryche tickets.  In 2001, the band came up with Live Evolution which was a double CD and DVD.
Although DeGarmo wasn’t officially back, he still wrote a few songs and played for the band in their Tribe album. Gray was replaced by Mike Stone who was an active part of the Tribe Tour.
In 2004, Operation: Mindcrime ll came out which was followed by the tour An Evening with Queensryche. The album was internationally released in 2006 and it even topped the charts which was a first for Queensryche. In 2007, they released a compilation of their greatest hits  called Sign of the Times. This had bonus discs and new songs like Justified that featured DeGarmo on the guitars. In 2009, they even released an album that had cover versions of songs by great artists such as U2, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Queen. The album was called Take Cover. Later that year, the band toured for their The Queensryche Cabaret.
Queensryche released its twelfth studio album, Dedicated to Chaos, in 2012. Here there was more focus on bass and drums than on guitar. The band still performs live like it used to years ago and continues to keep fans engaged in their high energy performances. Fans always want to go back and experience the energy all over again.