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Rascal Flatts Little Big Town & Eli Young Band, three of the biggest names in country music come together to headline an event that will simply take your breathe away. It isn’t a single act neither is it a double act but in fact it is a triple act that will serve a  very special treat for every country music fan.  It is a must-attend event and Rascal Flatts Little Big Town & Eli Young Band tickets are available for every fan who wants a triple doze of country music at its amazing best.
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This event will simply blow you away because two performers of this magnitude are hardly seen together whereas this is three of the biggest names joining hands at the Rascal Flatts Little Big Town & Eli Young Band event for an occasion you won’t soon forget. The trio that forms Rascal Flatts has been on the scene for over a decade now and during that time they have played a part in transforming the genre on its head. The band was formed in 1999 and got their first record deal the very next year when Lyric Street Records signed them to their roster. They released first song titled Prayin for Daylight at the start of 2000. The song shot straight up to the third spot and was to headline their self-titled debut album released soon afterwards. The album has been certified platinum as the rest as they say is history. The album made quite a stir alright and that trend continued with their next six releases that all went platinum or higher. This amazing band has released twenty six songs as well to go with the albums and each one of the songs has been a hit. Eleven out of those tracks have reached the number one spot thus cementing their reputation as one of the greatest country music acts of all time.
The second part of the Rascal Flatts Little Big Town & Eli Young Band event is the Little Big Town. If Rascal Flatts have been successful then Little Big Town haven’t been too far behind either. Formed in 1998 the four members have virtually been inseparable since to become a sensational group. Four years after their creation they released their self-titled first album in 2002 which was followed up by the release of their second album The Road to Here in the year 2005. The album became an absolute rage to turn them into super stars overnight. The album was certified platinum and they haven’t looked back since. More hits songs and albums followed that earned them applause and accolades from fans and critics alike. Little Big Town is now one of the most famous country music performers to have ever graced the stage and they will play their part in making this event one of a kind.
The last but definitely not the least act of this sensational event is the Eli Young Band. The group was formed by James Young and Mike Ali together with their friends Jon Jones and Chris Thompson in 2000. Together they started to perform and released their self-titled debut album in 2002. Buoyed by the reception they got they released Level, their second album in 2005 that put the spotlight firmly on them. The track When it Rains from their next album Jet Black & Jealous took their success to another level when it became a huge hit. Diamond certified song Crazy Girl followed which cemented their reputation as a truly class act.
Rascal Flatts Little Big Town & Eli Young Band is going to be an event that will be remembered forever. A star studded line up doesn’t get any bigger than this which is why this concert simply cannot be missed at any cost. It is a country music extravaganza that will showcase what makes the genre so special. Fans, grab your Rascal Flatts Little Big Town & Eli Young Band tickets now and be a part of an occasion the likes of which don’t come too often.

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