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Have you heard the news! The popular comic sitcom, Red Green after entertaining millions of people on screen is now hitting the live stage! The show is formatted to be a cross between a sketch comedy series and a sitcom and is a parody of the famous comic shows such as Fishing, Home Improvement and Do It Yourself. Red Green tickets for the live one man show are available now.

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How often do you see parodies of comic shows becoming successful? Can jokes be revamped and still retain the original humor? With Red Green it’s definitely possible! The show started off by spoofing the long running Canadian outdoor show, The Redfisher in the early nineties. The concept of the show was to present short films of the fishing trips with a humorous commentary in the background. It was aired on the CBC television and was loved by people. It received positive response worldwide and earned great ratings as well. It was selected to be aired on the Global Television Network and from then onwards till 2006 entertained people with different hilarious seasons.
The television Red Green show was designed to include several segments such as handyman corner, adventures with bill, north of forty, buddy system and others. Its live show too is planned on the same format and will feature all its signature segments. The show for its comic subjects takes the inspiration from the current societal issues and the random moments in life. Using the tools of creativity and the skills of Steve Smith (Red Green), the live show gives a different outlook in comparison to the recorded ones aired earlier.
The reviews of the few Red Green live shows conducted earlier reveal a great audience feedback. Red shared his opinion about the current events such as Global Warming and others. To keep the interest of the audiences intact, it differs a little from its pattern of recorded shows and has introduced an activity of singing after ten minutes of performing an act. The music is played in the typical Red Green fashion and the major chunk of expression in the form of words is made in the last few lines of the tracks. Apart from this it includes funny discussions on topics like changes in society with respect to different age groups and also activities like guessing the right word within thirty seconds by taking the help of given clues.
From the mid 2000s till the start of another decade the fans of Red Green deeply felt its absence from the entertainment industry. After a break of five years, Red Green had a desire to interact with its fans on a personal level, so it hit upon the idea of coming live. In line with this thought, it has planned different activities to keep the audience engagement at a maximum level. It has already conducted a couple of live shows addressing the subjects like the importance of giving youth their desired space, current education trends and the fashion of piercings, to name a few.
The live version ensures to have a different topic for discussion and set of activities in each show and this time, once again would not disappoint its fans. The creative team is all set to stage Red Green one man show live! The tour schedule is out and Red Green tickets are available on discounted rates. Were you feeling bored of your everyday routine? If yes, then this event is just the change you are looking for. The entertainment show that you missed for five years is back to amuse you with a number of different subjects that might sound serious on the surface but will actually make you laugh your heart out! Hurry, you can’t afford to waste any extra moment! The tickets are selling like hot cakes!

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